Why Iron Fist’s Comic-Accurate Mask Looks So Weird


Why do the comic-accurate masks in Iron Fist season 2 look so weird? Fans had to wait until the sophomore season of Netflix's kung fu Marvel series to see Danny Rand (Finn Jones) don the signature yellow Iron Fist headgear. Now it's here, though, not only will Danny be wearing the mask but so will his former best friend turned arch foe Davos a.k.a. the Steel Serpent (Sacha Dhawan). Iron Fist Season 2 promises flashbacks that will depict the combat between the two students of Lei Kung for the right to face the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying in order to possess the power of the Immortal Iron Fist.

However, getting that power didn't gift Danny his iconic comic book mask. There was an overall negative reaction to Iron Fist season 1, and while accuracy was the least of the Netflix show's troubles, it certainly annoyed fans that Iron Fist never looked like Iron Fist. That will change in season 2, with Danny fully suiting up like his comic book counterpart, something that on paper would win some fans around... Except that from the footage seen so far, the masks look weird when Danny (and Davos) wears them. Even the corpse wearing the Iron Fist's mask briefly glimpsed in the season 2 trailer looks a little strange.

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Perhaps the issue is simply facial hair. In the new Iron Fist season 2 trailer, Danny and Davos face each other in ritualistic combat as they compete for the power of the Iron Fist. Both are wearing yellow masks, but what makes them look weird is that both have beards; it exaggerates the lower-half of the face and makes the mask look more ill-fitting. The classic comic book Iron Fist look is the mask covering the upper half of Danny's face while his jaw is clean shaven. The masks simply look odd when the wearer has facial hair - something that makes sense given the Himalayan-setting of K'un-Lun.

Even if Danny and Davos look a bit off with the yellow shrouds over their heads, this isn't an issue with the masks themselves. Though they lack white eye slits (but then, so do Batman's movie masks), the headgear is properly yellow with black, edged borders over the eyeholes. This is certainly Iron Fist's comic book mask, which is as intrinsically linked to the Living Weapon's signature look as Daredevil's red suit and horns are. The TV series did the masks right, despite how unusual they look when worn by the actors.

Indeed, the yellow Iron Fisk mask is definitely an improvement over the look Danny adopts as the street-level Defender of New York. Since replacing Daredevil as protector of the city after he was given the mission by Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) in The Defenders, the billionaire has opted to wear a hoodie and a mask that covers the lower half of his face when he hits the streets to fight crime.

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The hoodie and mask getup is an arguably even stranger look for the Immortal Iron Fist, which is why fans hope that Iron Fist season 2 will make good on Finn Jones' tease that Danny will finally don a version of the kung fu fighter's classic green and yellow costume. But what would probably help his overall look the most is if Danny shaves his beard if and when he finally goes full Iron Fist.

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Iron Fist season 2 premieres September 7th on Netflix.

Domhnall Gleeson Teases ‘Epic’ Star Wars 9


Star Wars: Episode IX star Domhnall Gleeson hypes up J.J. Abrams' return to the franchise. After kicking off the sequel trilogy with The Force Awakens in 2015, Abrams was recruited to finish what he started after Lucasfilm parted ways with original Star Wars 9 director Colin Trevorrow. In addition to helming the project, Abrams co-wrote the script with Oscar-winner Chris Terrio, working to find a satisfying conclusion to this trilogy and the Skywalker saga as a whole. Production began earlier this month, ahead of the film's December 2019 release.

While Force Awakens was called out for its intentional parallels to A New Hope, most are in agreement that it was a rousing return to form for the series, with Abrams delivering an entertaining and emotional adventure in the galaxy far, far away. His filmmaking style seems to be the perfect fit for Star Wars, which is why Gleeson is excited to see what Abrams can do.

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Speaking with Variety's Brent Lang at the premiere of his new film, The Little Stranger, Gleeson said Abrams coming back is "epic."

Abrams has demonstrated several times in his career he has what it takes to craft a crowd-pleasing blockbuster, and The Force Awakens was no exception. At the time of its release, it was the best-received Star Wars film since The Empire Strikes Back, even being named as one of the 10 best movies of the year by the American Film Institute. It stands reason to believe Abrams put a lot of thought and care into Episode IX and will do everything he can to ensure it's a worthwhile finale. As a lifelong Star Wars fan himself, Abrams wants to honor the rich legacy of the films and give the story a proper sendoff. With all the film has on its plate, there's a chance Star Wars 9 ends up being Abrams' most epic film in terms of scale and scope.

Unfortunately for fans, it's going to be some time before they get an opportunity to see something beyond vague quotes like this. Though Abrams was transparent about some key story elements (Mark Hamill's return and the plan for Leia), he's still the master of the mystery box and will keep plot details under wraps until Lucasfilm is ready to rev up the marketing machine. In all likelihood, Episode IX will follow a similar advertising pattern to its direct predecessors, meaning a teaser trailer won't hit until spring 2019 at next year's Celebration. Hopefully, the first footage delivers on the promise of an epic ride.

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Source: Brent Lang

Wonder Woman 2 Cast Comes Together For Awesome Group Photo


The main cast of Wonder Woman 1984 alongside director Patty Jenkins gather together for an adorable group photo. Marking the second solo adventure of the Amazonian Goddess, Gal Gadot reprises the famed DC hero on the big screen as she finds herself in the 1980s at the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, which was first reported by Screen Rant last year. Chris Pine is also set to return as Steve Trevor in the much-anticipated sequel.

Details with regard to the follow-up's narrative are still scarce at the moment, but the movie's casting sheet is slowly filling up with the addition of Kristen Wiig, who will play Barbara Minerva/Cheetah in the movie, and Narcos' Pedro Pascal in a yet to be revealed role. Insecure's Natasha Rothwell also boarded the project, as well as Ravi Patel and Gabriella Wilde.

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In a now-deleted Instagram photo uploaded by Pascal (via cathy) comes a cast photo for Wonder Woman 1984 with Jenkins. The image features Wiig, Gadot (who is wearing Diana's head peace, although sporting casual clothes), Pine, Pascal, and the film's director, Jenkins. Check out the image below:

Although not in their costumes (except for Pascal, who's wearing a formal ensemble, a similar style he was sporting in his official character reveal image), this is the first time that the public has seen the main cast of Wonder Woman 1984 together in a photo. Jenkins has been releasing separate looks on the actors since principal photography for the film started last month which has given fans a sneak peek on what the sequel would look like. She, Gadot, and Pine also debuted a short teaser trailer at Comic-Con, and, while the footage was exclusively shown to Hall H attendees, description of the clip quickly made its way online revealing a brighter suit for Diana. Further, several set photos have also emerged online hinting at what could possibly go down in the film.

Fans have quickly pointed out that the image has a striking resemblance to the iconic Breakfast Club group poster. It can be remembered that the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming recreated the same one-sheet back in 2017, although, like Wonder  Woman 1984's take, it wasn't an official marketing material as well. But, while the idea to mimic the promotional image from the John Hughes classic made sense for the MCU standalone considering that it mined inspiration from several of the filmmakers' work, it's curious to know if there's any narrative correlation between Wonder Woman 1984 and the 1985 coming-of-age movie. Gadot previously said the first Wonder Woman was Diana's coming-of-age story, and it was, to some degree. Of course, it's also possible that the photo is nothing more but a fun '80s reference and there's no relation whatsoever between the Breakfast Club and the superhero sequel.

With Wonder Woman 1984 still more than a year away, not to mention three other Warner Bros. superhero movies on the docket (AquamanShazam!, and Joker), before it hit theaters, it's safe to say that it'll be quite a while before a full trailer rolls out. But if this photo is any indication, it seems like the cast is having a blast working on the project, which is never a bad thing.

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Source: Pedro Pascal (via cathy)

Child’s Play 2 Star Rages Against Chucky Remake, and She’s Right

Child's Play 2 actress Christine Elise joins the ranks of horror fans all over the world who think that a remake is stupid.

Here’s All of Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Awesome Metal Gear Solid Movie Concept Art


To celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts spent an entire month sharing concept art for his upcoming movie adaptation. Created by Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear blends science fiction, supernatural and horror elements into an alternate history plot that follows special forces operatives Big Boss and Solid Snake, and their many allies and enemies. The video games are notable for their hugely influential stealth gameplay, and in-depth storytelling (often told through lengthy cutscenes).

Vogt-Roberts demonstrated his penchant for strong visuals and vibrant color palettes in Kong: Skull Island, which was rich with nods to movies like Apocalypse Now and featured a particularly memorable sequence in which Tom Hiddleston's character charges through neon green smoke, battling flying monsters with a samurai sword. He's also a devoted, longtime fan of the Metal Gear game franchise, as made clear in his 31-day visual tribute, in which he discusses some of his favorite moments from three decades of storytelling.

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Kojima himself his given Vogt-Roberts his stamp of approval, writing, "I’m convinced that no one but him can direct Metal Gear Solid." Video game movies don't have the best track record, but that hasn't stopped gamers from staying ever-optimistic for each upcoming project, and it looks like Vogt-Roberts has a strong vision for his movie. Check out all 35 pieces of Metal Gear Solid concept art below.


Many of these concept art pieces show Metal Gear - the powerful bipedal tanks from which the franchise takes its name - in environments ranging from paddy fields to the snowy Arctic. We also see plenty of familiar characters from the games, including Cyborg Ninja, Sniper Wolf, Revolver Ocelot and - of course - Big Boss and Solid Snake. Those last two characters are pretty much a given, but the collection also all but confirms that Cyborg Ninja, Sniper Wolf and The Boss will be included in the movie.

In addition to the images, Vogt-Roberts also shared some tidbits about his favorite moments from the games and what he wants to incorporate into the movies. "One aspect of Metal Gear that’s important for me to translate onscreen is the blending of horror imagery with stylized magical realism," he wrote in the caption for one piece. For the piece that shows Cyborg Ninja fighting a Gekko, the director wrote, "Cyborg Ninja & the Gekkos are two of the most iconic Hideo Kojima + Yoji Shinkawa designs. I wanted to see their potential in the same frame."

Needless to say, Metal Gear fans responded to the month-long lovefest for the franchise with great appreciation, and it's safe to say that we're all looking forward to seeing some of these stunning images realized in the movie.

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Source: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

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