New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Full-Length Trailer Classified


Batman V Superman stylized poster excerpt New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Full Length Trailer Classified

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to hit theaters in a little over a month, and the frenzy of anticipation is ramping up. A number of different trailers for the movie have been released for by now, some more spoilerific than others, and no doubt there will be more marketing efforts to come in the next few weeks.

While some fans have complained about the amount of footage that has already been shown from the movie, and others have gone so far as to create alternate, spoiler-free trailers of their own, that is not going to stop Warner Bros. from pushing the movie as hard as they can. In fact, there ...

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The Flash: More Images of The Gang’s Trip to Earth-2


flash banner The Flash: More Images of The Gangs Trip to Earth 2

Have you heard? The Flash is finally traveling to Earth-2 in next week’s episode, the aptly-named “Welcome to Earth-2″. All season long, Earth-2 residents have been hopping in and out of Earth-1, but now it’s Barry (Grant Gustin) and Cisco’s (Carlos Valdes) chance to take a wormhole trip when they join “Harry” Wells (Tom Cavanagh) on a mission to save his daughter from Zoom.

We’ve learned a little about Earth-2 so far – that it may actually be more technologically advanced than Earth-1, but stylistically resembles an era similar to our 1940s or 50s. Everyone on Earth-1 also has an Earth-2 doppelganger, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily fill the same role – like how Barry became The ...

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15 Best New York Crime Movies of All Time


taxi driver mohawk 15 Best New York Crime Movies of All Time

“I miss the fact that there was a certain kind of energy that exists when people can live for nothing.” – Abel Ferrara

New York City is the greatest city on Earth; just ask any New Yorker. It’s also a setting which is home to an endless array of violent criminal stories. It is also home to an absurd amount of movies, some of which rank among the best movies of all time. New York City isn’t just any city, it’s a symbol of freedom and opportunity, but also, for decades of its existence, it was a symbol of broken dreams and urban blight. There is no shortage of stories from the Big Apple, and Hollywood knows that better than anyone.

Here are the 15 ...

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Hawke Joins "Hours," Sought For "Training"


Ethan Hawke has signed up for the Brian Smrz-directed thriller "24 Hours to Live" which goes on sale shortly at the upcoming European Film Market. The story follows an assassin given another shot at life after being revived by his employer.

The casting comes as CBS is reportedly seeking Hawke to reprise his role of Jake Hoyt from 2001 cop drama "Training Day" in the upcoming TV series based on the property says Deadline.

The new show will follow a now corrupt older white cop taking a young black detective under his wing, a reverse of the original film's setup. At least two versions of the pilot script existed, the one that got greenlit has Hoyt in support as the Deputy Chief.

The site indicates Hawke would be fine with the occasional guest appearance (ala Bradley Cooper in "Limitless") but not a regular recurring role.

‘Gods of Egypt’ Super Bowl Commercial Ignites an Epic War

Big beasts attack in the action-packed new sneak peek at Lionsgate's 'Gods of Egypt' starring Gerard Butler.
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