Sharlto Copley Oldboy

Spike Lee’s remake/re-interpretation of Old Boy  continues to anger those who swear by Korean director Chan-wook Park’s version. Regardless of the hate from certain sectors, the American version of Old Boy continues to build an impressive cast, which already includes Men in Black III star Josh Brolin in the lead role, and Silent House‘s Elizabeth Olsen in the lead female role.

Today we have word on the third pivotal part of Old Boy: the villain that torments Brolin’s character in truly twisted ways.

For those who don’t know, Old Boy was a manga (comic) that become the 2003 hit Korean film. Both the comic and the film will be melded into Lee’s version, which is reset in America and will feature even more gruesome elements than the foreign version. The tale centers around a man (Brolin) who is ...

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