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Nolan Talks "Knight" IMAX, 3D & Film


Filmmaker Christopher Nolan has given an extended and fascinating interview with the Director's Guild of America covering a wide range of topics from his embracing of IMAX, his approach to filming "The Dark Knight Rises", and wider issues of the film industry.

One of the latter is his championing of film over cheaper digital formats:

"For the last ten years, I've felt increasing pressure to stop shooting film and start shooting video, but I've never understood why. It's cheaper to work on film, it's far better looking, it’s the technology that's been known and understood for a hundred years, and it's extremely reliable.

I think, truthfully, it boils down to the economic interest of manufacturers and [a production] industry that makes more money through change rather than through maintaining the status quo. We save a lot of money shooting on film and projecting film and not doing digital intermediates. In fact, I've never done a digital intermediate.

Photochemically, you can time film with a good timer in three or four passes, which takes about 12 to 14 hours as opposed to seven or eight weeks in a DI suite. That’s the way everyone was doing it 10 years ago, and I've just carried on making films in the way that works best and waiting until there’s a good reason to change. But I haven't seen that reason yet."

He then goes on to talk about how his love of IMAX informed his shooting style on "The Dark Knight Rises":

"We shot 5-perf 65 mm for a few scenes in Inception and I liked the results a lot, plus you can use sound with it. But IMAX has three times the negative area of that format. It’s such a leap up in terms of quality that if you’re working on a film that’s such a large-scale production you can embrace the more cumbersome technology, and allow for it and build it into your production process, then what you get in terms of quality when you’re shooting is pretty extraordinary.

For The Dark Knight Rises we were on Wall Street with a thousand extras, and you can see everybody’s face in the frame. In some ways, I feel it takes me back almost to the silent film era, when they had those huge cameras. Trying to do things in more of a tableau fashion, it changes the way I direct a film, it changes the way I block the camera movement because of the size of the thing. The resulting image has so much power that you don’t need to cut in the same way, you can frame the shot slightly differently, you wind up with a slightly different feel."

For the full interview, including his comments on how the studio would've been very happy had he opted to do "The Dark Knight Rises" in 3D, click here.

Leonardo DiCaprio To "Live By Night"


Warner Bros. Pictures has acquired rights to Dennis Lehane's Prohibition Era gangster novel "Live By Night" reports Variety.

The story centers on gangsters who ran rum from Cuba to Tampa to Boston during Prohibition. Some of the characters also appeared in another Lehane novel - "The Given Day". The deal also gives Warners control of the film rights to 'Day'.

Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way Productions is setting up the project as a potential starring vehicle for the actor. DiCaprio stared in a previous Lehane adaptation - Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island".

Rick Yorn and Jennifer Davisson Killoran will produce.

Movie News Wrap Up: April 14th, 2012


This week:

There’s no Pain just Gain for Ken Jeong; Dwayne Johnson becomes involved in Lore; Warner Bros. goes from Batman to Ghostman and it’s bye bye Shia LaBeouf and Tony Scott, hello Adrian Lyne for The Associate.

1.Ken Jeong has joined the cast of Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain.

Character details for the Community and Hangover actor are unknown, but one can only imagine that he’ll be playing a slightly crazed and neurotic character in the $35 million film.

Ken Jeong joins Michael Bay's Pain and Gain

Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson play inept criminals in the black comedy which is currently shooting in Miami.

Source: THR


2. Dwayne Johnson is not one to shy away from a franchise opportunity having jumped on-board the Mummy, G.I. Joe, Fast and Furious and Journey franchises at ...

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‘Magic City’ Season 1, Episode 2: ‘Feeding Frenzy’ Recap


Jeffrey Dean Morgan Magic City Feeding Frenzy

After last week’s premiere, Magic City has settled down a bit and managed to tell a more cohesive and less-rushed story surrounding the Miramar Playa and its owner Ike Evans (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

In ‘Feeding Frenzy,’ Ike is playing those he hopes to gain favors from, or influence over, with copious amounts of booze and prostitutes like Judi Silver (Elena Satine) – who was present when Mike Strauss (Leland Orser) was taken at gunpoint during last week’s obligatory mobster montage.

After Ike’s business meeting with the pageant group, Mike’s father Al (Stan Carp) flat out accuses Ike of having Mike killed. Of course at the time, and given the image of Mike’s drowned corpse floating in an underwater dumping ground, there were questions of who actually ordered the hit.

Since Magic City is intent on showing us ...

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Tina Fey Becomes An "Intern"


Paramount Pictures will finance and distribute Nancy Meyers' "The Intern" with Tina Fey attached to star reports Deadline.

Fey will play the founder of an e-business with a fashion focus who is told that her company is importing senior citizens to be interns as a community outreach effort.

Her personal intern is an over-70 widower bored with retirement from a middle management career, but he ultimately grows more indispensable to her and the pair develop a platonic bond.

Meyers directs from her script while Scott Rudin will produce, shooting will take place in early 2013 once Fey completes work on the seventh season of "30 Rock". As reported earlier this week, Meyers also plans to direct the dramedy "The Chelsea".

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