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‘Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D’: Motion-Capture CGI Zombie Horror


Night of the Living Dead Origins 3D

It was another sleepless night just a few days ago that I encountered Return of the Living Dead, an unofficial sequel to George A. Romero’s iconic film, Night of the Living Dead. Return of the Living Dead - which was directed by famous screenwriter Dan O’Bannon (Alien, Total Recall) ironically enough -  was a shoddy followup to the original, setting it in the same category as so many later Dead sequels and spinoffs (with the exception of Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake in 2004).

That hit or miss history sets up a wide range of potential for the upcoming Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D - a long-rumored project that may at first sound like another unnecessary prequel, but is actually something much more intriguing once you look at it ...

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Open Road Sets ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’ For October Release Date


silent hill revelation 3d movie release date

While the 2006 film adaptation of the Silent Hill video game series was by no means a bomb, it came just short of doubling (re: fully recouping) its $50 million budget in theaters, and was kind of a critical bust, to top it off. That accounts for why the sequel, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, has been languishing a bit since shooting and post-production were completed.

Now that Open Road Films has officially acquired the U.S. distribution rights to the next installment in the video game-based horror/thriller franchise, Revelation is prepped to hit theaters this fall around (when else?) Halloween – specifically on October 26th.

The Silent Hill: Revelation 3D cast includes returning players from its predecessor, namely Radha Mitchell, Deborah Kara Unger and Sean Bean. Revelation also reunites Bean with his former Game of ...

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Open Road Sets ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’ For October Release Date

Nicolas Winding Refn to Produce ‘Maniac Cop’ Prequel


Nicolas Winding Refn producing 'Manic Cop' prequel

Nicolas Winding Refn has made a name for himself by directing very real and very brutal action films. After helming films like Pusher, Bronson, Valhalla Rising, and Drive, it looks as though the auteur filmmaker could be setting his sights on directing a prequel to the 1980s cult horror movie, Maniac Cop.

Now, Refn is only signed on to produce Maniac Cop, and the original writer and director of the film, Larry Cohen and William Lustig, are also signed on to produce as well. The two confirmed that the film will be a prequel in an interview with Daily Grindhouse, and also talked about Refn joining the producing team:

“It’s going to be more a prequel than anything else, I am really excited to come back to this world especially since Nick is going ...

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Britney Spears Finalizing Deal To Judge ‘X Factor’ Season 2



Britney Spears - X Factor

Fox’s The X Factor may have had a tepid start, but Simon Cowell and the rest of the producers are working hard to revamp the series for season 2 – and Britney Spears may be the first step towards doing just that.

According to TMZ, Spears is currently closing a deal to join The X Factor as a judge for season 2. The major terms are reportedly locked down, with Simon Cowell saying that an announcement regarding a new judge (not mentioning Spears) may be made within a week. Spears’ salary is reported to be $15 million per season.

And as for Cowell’s thoughts on Spears? He had this to say about the pop singer while talking to TMZ this past Tuesday:

I would love to have her on the show. I think she would be a ...

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‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 Updates: Episodes, Characters & Format


arrested development season 4 releasing in entirety on Netflix in 2013

When it was announced that Arrested Development was coming back for season 4, fans of Mitch Hurwitz’ comedy series (which has continued to amass a strong cult-following in the years since it was canceled), went bananas with excitement. Not only would they be getting the Arrested Development movie they’ve been clamoring for – Netflix will air an entire fourth season of the show as well! It’s like winning the lottery and getting two payouts!

Today we have some updates about Arrested Development season 4 from Hurwitz himself: the show will resume production this summer, and it seems that the deal with Netflix has steered season 4 in a different direction than originally intended. Read on for details.

At first it was proposed that ...

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