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Screen Rant’s 2012 Summer Movie Preview



Summer is upon us again, and that means it’s that time of year for those movies that once again deliver the jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, smile-inducing memories of a lifetime that only come with summer blockbusters. And, given the lineup of films in this year’s Summer Movie Preview, the blockbuster movies of 2012 are going to deliver like never before.

From the superhero team-up event that will kick everything off (Marvel’s The Avengers), to the grand finale in arguably one of the best movie trilogies of all time (Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises), to a master filmmaker returning to the sci-fi/horror sub-genre that catapulted him to fame (Ridley Scott’s Prometheus), to the first princess fairy tale from the best animation studio in the business (Pixar’s Brave) – this summer has something for everyone, and a whole lot extra in between.

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Lionsgate Hires Charlie Kaufman to Adapt ‘Chaos Walking’


charlie kaufman penning 'knife of never letting go' adaptation

Though Lionsgate has hired Francis Lawrence to direct Catching Fire, The Hunger Games sequel, the studio is already putting plans for another adaptation of a hit young adult novel into motion. Word is that the studio has just acquired the rights to yet another dystopian future setting series called Chaos Walking. Not only that, but Charlie Kaufman has been hired to pen the adaptation of the first installment in the series.

The report from Deadline makes it seem like just another acquisition of another young adult novel series, and the most surprising thing about all of this is that they hired Kafuman to write the adaptation of first book in the series, The Knife of Never Letting Go. But when you read the premise of Patrick Ness’ novels, you will soon realize that ...

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Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci Rewriting ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′


Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

As ubiquitous as writing/producing pair Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have been in recent years – both in television (Transformers Prime, Hawaii Five-0, Fringe) and Hollywood blockbusters (Mission: Impossible III, Transformers, Star Trek) - the fan-fave scribes have surprisingly never contributed to a superhero movie before. (And no, Cowboys & Aliens doesn’t count.)

That changes today, with the announcement that “Hollywood’s Secret Weapons” (as Forbes calls the duo) have been tapped to rewrite the untitled sequel to this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man, a.k.a. Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Deadline broke the story about Kurtzman and Orci being hired on for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel. The pair will rework a previous draft penned by ASM co-writer James Vanderbilt, so as to ensure that production on the film is ready to get underway by the early portion ...

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5 Avengers Comic Book Stories to Read Before Seeing ‘The Avengers’ Movie


5 Great Avengers Storylines

There’s only one surefire way to be prepared for Marvel’s The Avengers come May 4th – and that’s by reading as many top-notch Avengers comic books as is physically possible in less than two weeks’ time.

But where, pray tell, does one start? After all, The Avengers (created by Stan Lee and Jack “The King of Comics” Kirby) is one of the oldest Marvel team books in existence, having been published for nearly half a century. Furthermore, the book has gone through several title changes, hundreds of different creative teams, and even more fictional members. It has been, on occasion, both brilliant and horrifically bad. So where does an interested reader begin his/her journey with five decades’ worth of comics to sift through?

Lucky for you, dear readers, we’re here to narrow down just some ...

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Andy Lau in Talks to Join ‘Iron Man 3′


Andy Lau May Join 'Iron Man 3'

Marvel Studios is looking to add some international flair to the cast of Iron Man 3. Reports are coming in that Infernal Affairs and House of Flying Daggers star Andy Lau is now in talks to join the stellar cast of the film as a scientist.

It seems fitting that the Asian star join the cast of Iron Man 3, seeing that China is just one of the filming locations that will appear in the third installment of the superhero franchise and the film has the support of Chinese backers. According to Twitch, Walt Disney China and DMG Entertainment, are keen to get a big Chinese name attached to the project.

Instead of making Lau a villain – like The Mandarin - he will instead reportedly play a good guy scientist that helps ...

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