munsters reboot pilot bryan singer

Early script details on the pilot episode for Bryan Fuller’s rebooted take on The Munsters (now retitled Mockingbird Lane) certainly painted a vastly different picture than the one which springs to most people’s minds. That is, when they think of the original, old-fashioned, wholesome 1960s family sitcom – which just happens to revolve around classic Universal monster types – that became all the more popular during the decades following its initial two-season run.

In a recent interview, the Pushing Daisies creator discussed how the vastly different nature of the characters and modern setting featured in Mockingbird Lane paved the way for a title change – while also touching on the divisive issue of remaking and/or rebooting cherished properties (among other things).

Here is Fuller talking about his hopes for Mockingbird Lane (via Entertainment Weekly):

“We ...

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