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12 Hilarious Challenges From ‘Impractical Jokers’ Season 1


Impractical Jokers Season 1

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Nestled in the heart of cable television, TruTV’s comedic gem, Impractical Jokers, has been sweeping the world with its hilarity. And to celebrate the Impractical Jokers season finale, we’re taking a look back at some of the most hilarious moments from this past season.

For those unfamiliar with Impractical Jokers, the series brings a completely original, unique, and always funny premise to the often stale hidden camera genre. Instead of using unsuspecting people as “victims” for their staged pranks, Impractical Jokers flips the tables and makes the hosts the butt of the joke.

Impractical Jokers stars life-long friends Joe Gatto, Brian Quinn, Sal Vulcano and James Murray. Thanks to the natural chemistry that comes from longtime friends, you know while watching that the intent of Impractical Jokers is ...

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Movie Media Roundup: ‘Avengers’, ‘MIB 3′, ‘Dark Shadows’, ‘Snow White’ & More


Avengers Dark Shadows Snow White Men in Black 3 Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Clips Videos

There are a lot of movies to keep up with in during the Summer 2012 movie season (trust me, I know); moviegoers need a place where they can get good looks at the movies being offered at their local theaters in the next few months – and that’s where we come in.  Instead of making you click your mouse a thousand times just to get a look at the latest TV commercials, clips and behind-the-scenes videos for the movies you’re curious about, we’re pulling them all together in a handy media roundup post.

Today’s offerings include new TV spots for Marvel’s The Avengers and the fairy tale re-imagining Snow White and the Huntsman; new ...

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‘Hunger Games’ Director Gary Ross In Talks For ‘Houdini’


gary ross houdini biopic

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Gary Ross is known for being fairly selective about which projects he chooses to work on, as evidenced by the time gaps between his directorial debut (Pleasantville, 1998), sophomore directing effort (Seabiscuit, 2003) and this year’s box office titan, The Hunger Games. It’s less shocking that he ultimately chose to pass on helming the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, due partly to the comparatively short period of time Lionsgate set for that film to make its way down the production pipeline.

That’s all meant as context for today’s surprising revelation, courtesy of Heat Vision, that Ross has (possibly) already lined up his next directing project: Houdini, an adaptation of William Kalush and Larry Sloman’s biography about the iconic late 19th/early 20th century illusionist/escape artist, titled “The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making ...

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‘The Avengers’ Review


Marvel's 'The Avengers' (Review) starring Robert Downey Jr. Scarlett Johansson and Smauel L. Jackson

Screen Rant’s Kofi Outlaw Reviews The Avengers

Marvel’s The Avengers is not just a film – it’s a cinematic event. The culmination of half a decade of movie-making, five different films introducing us to characters, stories and worlds of Marvel’s shared movie universe – not to mention, the life-long dreams of fanboys and fangirls all over the world, who have been dreaming to see their favorite superheroes onscreen together long before Marvel Studios began making it a reality.

Now that the Avengers is here, the question is: Does writer/director Joss Whedon (Serenity) deliver a film that lives up to fans’ massive expectations and functions as a great summer blockbuster for causal moviegoers?

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Vin Diesel Announces Possible ‘Riddick’ Release Date & Sequels


Riddick Release Date Sequels Vin Diesel

After successfully reprising his role as Dominic Torreto in Fast Five, Diesel looks to keep his hot streak going by resurrecting the characters that made him into a box-office magnet.  Naturally, he will play Riddick in the self-titled sequel currently in development, as well as Xander Cage in the recently announced xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.

Diesel took to Facebook recently and posted that we may be seeing Riddick - the latest installment of the Pitch Black franchise – as early as January 2013. Scroll down to read Diesel’s word on the matter.

“The studio said the earliest they could release the new “Riddick” is in January… was hoping for 2012… but, it’s on the horizon.


P.s. I think they are liking what they are seeing… haha, cause ...

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