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Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 13th 2012


Avengers sets more records

Last weekend Marvel’s The Avengers obliterated box office records and grossed an unbelievable $207 million during its first weekend. The film continued to have an incredibly successful run throughout the week and it looks like a 50% dip from last weekend will give it a mighty $103 million for the three days.

This figure again sets a new record for the highest grossing second weekend of all-time, beating the $75 million+ second week numbers for Avatar and The Dark Knight. That means that the Joss Whedon film will have grossed a staggering $373 million at the US box office and over $1 billion globally, a number achieved in an amazing nineteen days!

This is yet another mind-boggling gross, which shows that there is still a lot of demand to see the film. The sky is the ...

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The Avengers Breaks Second Weekend Record, Crosses $1 Billion


The Avengers Box Office

After breaking several international box office records, The Avengers opened in North America last weekend to become the biggest film opening of all time, handily beating out previous record holders The Dark Knight and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 while becoming the first ever film to cross the $200 million mark on its domestic debut.

In its second weekend, Earth’s Mightiest continue their success story, becoming the first every film to cross $100 million in its second weekend while also crossing the $1 bullion worldwide total mark, just 19 days after its first opening overseas.

Last weekend’s actual haul for The Avengers was $207,438,708 and this weekend, with only a 50% drop, the estimates have Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster earning another $103.2 million in North America. With these estimates, The Avengers is expected to cross the 10-figure ...

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‘Chronicle’ Director Talks Found-Footage Films & ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot


Chronicle Poster

Chronicle arrived in theaters earlier this year offering a different type of superhero film. Instead of characters wearing spandex or disguising their identities under masks or heavy costumes, this unique story focused on a trio of teens whose chance encounter with an extraterrestrial meteor empowered them with psychic abilities.

With Chronicle arriving on DVD next Tuesday, I recently had the chance to speak with director Josh Trank about Chronicle (his first movie), the draw of found-footage films, and the rumors that he would be working on the Fantastic Four reboot.

When asked about his experience helming the film, Trank said the following:

“[It was] the culmination of every emotion I’ve ever felt in my life, heightened up to 5,000 times and then flipped upside down and then back right side-up and then put into a little box…it was inexplicable. It ...

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Neil Marshall to Direct Dracula Flick ‘The Last Voyage of the Demeter’


neil marshall last voyage demeter

Bragi F. Schut’s The Last Voyage of the Demeter screenplay has been kicked around Hollywood for the past decade. Filmmakers such as Robert Schwentke (RED), Marcus Nispel (Conan the Barbarian), Stefan Ruzowitzky (Anatomy) and David Slade (Twilight: Eclipse) have all either circled or been briefly attached to direct the Dracula project at different points in time.

Heat Vision is reporting that Neil Marshall has become the latest director to board Last Voyage of the Demeter (pun intended), with Millennium Films in line to back the project; Bradley Fischer, Mike Medavoy and Arnold Messer are attached to produce. Those three gentlemen have previously worked together on a handful of projects that constantly changed hands during development, but eventually proved to be worth all the sweat and tears (see: Zodiac, Shutter Island and Black Swan).

Schut’s Last ...

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