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‘The Words’ Trailer Teases An Enigmatic, Star-Studded Drama


Writing duo Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal set their sights pretty high when they concocted the screen story for TRON: Legacy – by attempting to weave a complex tapestry of sci-fi mythology, chock-full of subtext about evolution, technology, religion, and everything in between.

That duo’s philosophical interests may have ultimately exceeded their grasp on coherent storytelling with the TRON sequel, but Klugman and Sternthal remain as ambitious as ever with their new writing/directing effort: The Words, which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival (to a mixed reception).

The Words tells the tale of Rory Jansen (Bradley Cooper), a struggling writer who eventually achieves the success he so desperately wants – by taking credit for another author’s manuscript, which was written many years before. However, Rory’s guilty conscience eventually begins to affect him in unexpected ways.

Rounding out ...

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‘Sin City 2′ Lands a Fall 2013 Release Date; Will Be 3D


sin city 2 sequel release date 3d

Even though Robert Rodriguez has been promising that he will in fact be making a second Sin City movie sooner than later (since last summer, at least), it wasn’t until Dimension Films officially confirmed the project – fully titled Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – that most fans accepted the news as fact.

Dimension Films has unveiled another press release – this time, revealing that A Dame to Kill For will hit theaters in the U.S. on October 4th, 2013. In addition, the studio has confirmed the return of important players like Jessica Alba and Mickey Rourke, while also teasing the involvement of other “huge names” in pivotal roles.

A Dame to Kill For is expected to combine elements of the original Sin City graphic novel (of the same name) with new original ...

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‘Skyfall’ Teaser Poster; Trailer Premieres Next Week


skyfall james bond movie poster

It’s the James Bond movie franchise’s 50th birthday – and to mark the occasion, the 23rd installment in the series, Skyfall, will arrive in theaters before the year is out. Daniel Craig is back for his third tour as 007, working this time with director Sam Mendes (after Martin Campbell on Casino Royale and Marc Forster on Quantum of Solace).

Sony/MGM has released an official teaser poster for Skyfall online. The studios will unleash the film’s teaser trailer online at the beginning of next week (look for it on Screen Rant), before most likely attaching it to prints of Men in Black III – which opens in theaters around the U.S. next Friday.

Skyfall unites a fantastic cast of European thespians, alongside Craig and franchise staple Judi Dench – including, Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney, Naomie Harris, and ...

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TV Success Rate: 65% Of New Shows Will Be Canceled (& Why It Matters)


TV Success Rate

It’s that time of the year – to check out the upcoming new series that will be gracing our screens during the fall. But for all of the new programming that gets rolled out year after year, what is the likelihood that a new television series will receive a second season?

Looking back on the programming decisions made by the networks from 2009-2012, you may be surprised to find out that, on average, 65% of new network television series will be canceled within their first season.

Completely acknowledging the fact that television, like all entertainment, is a largely subjective medium, the numbers do not actually represent the quality of the television series on the air. Even though more than half of the new shows will be canceled, that doesn’t mean that more than half aren’t of quality – or worth watching. ...

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6 Reasons ‘The Office’ Was At Its Best In Season 8


The Office Season 8

Let’s face it: television fans are a fickle bunch. While watching a particular series may be “must see TV” during the course of one season, that same series can be easily relegated down to a Netflix “wait” or an on-sale DVD release.

When The Office lost Steve Carell toward the end of season 7, fans were appropriately concerned with what might happen to television’s longtime comedy staple. Completely admitting that The Office has generally been hit-or-miss since its most famed seasons, one-time fans of the series should know that they’re missing out on some absolutely wonderful television.

Not only has The Office returned to its former glory with this past season, but it has also evolved itself in such a way that longtime viewers of the series might actually say that The Office season 8 is ...

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