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Eli Roth Returning to the Director’s Chair for ‘The Green Inferno’


Eli Roth Directing 'The Green Inferno'

Seven years have passed since Eli Roth’s Hostel – along with the Saw series – officially heralded the era of horror filmmaking now dubbed “torture porn.” Yet, while the latter series has gone on to spawn six sequels (with more potentially in the pipeline), the Hostel franchise has fallen into the realm of straight-to-video releases, and Roth’s directorial career has gone dormant.

That’s all about to change now, with news that Roth is set to direct and co-produce an upcoming horror film titled The Green Inferno.

According to THR, Roth wrote the film with Guillermo Amoedo, who he collaborated with on the upcoming earthquake thriller Aftershock, now in post-production. The Green Inferno story, based on an idea by Roth, remains a mystery – though it’s likely ...

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Rumor Patrol: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to Play a DC Comics Superhero?


The Rock in DC Comics Movie?

Now that Marvel’s The Avengers recently crossed $1 billion at the worldwide box office, many have been wondering if this success would spur DC Comics to intensify their film development. After all, outside of Batman (seen next in The Dark Knight Rises) and Superman (in Man of Steel), none of their heroes have made much cinematic impact lately – especially after Green Lantern fell-short of studio expectations.

That said, if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is to be believed, another DC adventure may be closer than previously thought.

In response to a fan’s musing on Twitter - stating that Johnson should be cast as a DC hero (Gravedigger or John Stewart), the actor quickly responded with simple but cryptic tease:

Funny U say that.. RT: @krystal_burt:
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Rumor Patrol: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to Play a DC Comics Superhero?

‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ Review


Cameron Diaz in 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' (Review)

Screen Rant’s Ben Kendrick reviews What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Modern ensemble comedies have seen plenty of success in recent years with edgier offerings like Bridesmaids, Horrible Bosses, and the recent Think Like a Man, presenting plenty of fresh laughs as well as contemporary social satire. Whereas other films have explored the ins and outs of bromance, wedding party fiascoes, and modern relationships in general, director Kirk Jones (Everybody’s Fine) tackled one of life’s most joyful (and painful) subjects with What to Expect When You’re Expecting: pregnancy.

However, with other contemporary “pregnancy” comedies such as Knocked Up and Baby Mama (plus Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part I, however unintentionally) still making viewers laugh on blu-ray and cable syndication, can What ...

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Ryan Reynolds is the Frontrunner for the ‘Highlander’ Reboot


highlander reboot ryan reynolds

There hasn’t really been any progress or report on the Highlander reboot, since Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) signed up to direct the project – shortly before he officially jumped ship on another impending reboot, The Crow.

Reports are in that the newly-formed Lionsgate-Summit has potentially found the man to follow after Christopher Lambert as the revamped Highlander series’ protagonist [Insert obligatory "There can be only one!" joke here] – and it’s none other than Blade/X-Men/Green Lantern franchise alum, Ryan Reynolds.

Variety says that Reynolds has emerged as the front-runner for the rebooted Highlander; furthermore, their insiders are reporting that preliminary talks have begun, but that Reynolds is still “weighing other offers.” So there is no guarantee (yet) that he will commit to the project, which is being scripted by Iron Man and Punisher: ...

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‘The Mentalist’ Season 5 Details – ‘Dark’ Jane & Red John Reveal


The Mentalist Season 5


After six “relaxing” months in Las Vegas, The Mentalist season 4 finale brought Patrick Jane closer to Red John than ever before – or so he thought (again). Though Red John may still be at large, the CBI now has Lorelei, one of his accomplices, in custody. Will Jane be able to “make her sing like a bird” next season?

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Bruno Heller discussed what’s in store for Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) in season 5, the dark turn the series will take next season, the move to Sunday night, how some fans will be disappointed when Red John is finally revealed, and much more.

With Lorelei (Emmanuelle Chriqui) firmly in the grasps of the CBI, fans are waiting to see how Jane will ...

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