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‘G.I. Joe 2′ Pushed Back to March 2013 for 3D Conversion


gi joe retaliation trailer dwayne johnson

Here’s an unexpected twist: Paramount is delaying the release date for G.I. Joe: Retaliation, just over a month before the sequel was originally due to hit theaters around the U.S. Retaliation has now been pushed back an entire nine months to a March 29th, 2013 date – where it will face off against The Host during its opening weekend.

The reason for said abrupt delay? Paramount wants to convert the film to 3D, in order to improve its box office prospects overseas.

Deadline quotes an unnamed Paramount head as saying (about Retaliation):

“We’re going to do a conscientious 3D job because we’ve seen how it can better box office internationally. Jim Cameron did all of ‘Titanic’‘s 3D in post – and look how well that movie turned out.”

The quality of Titanic‘s post-converted 3D has demonstrated that non-native 3D ...

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TiVo Declares Phillip Phillips ‘American Idol’ Winner (Based On Viewing Data)


American Idol - Philip Phillips

Viewers will be tuning in tonight to find out whether Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez will be declared “your” American Idol. While last night’s performances may have tipped everyone off to the likely winner, TiVo says their research shows that Phillip Phillips will win.

Using viewer data from last night’s performance, TiVo found that Phillips’ performances accounted for three of the top five most watched moments. Coming in at No. 1, 2 and 4, Phillips ultimately bested Sanchez’s performances, which came in at No. 3 and 5.

Additionally, TiVo reports that the there was a 12% increase from the second most watched moment and the first – meaning that Sanchez’s initial entry at No. 3 could be related to a substantial loss in votes.

Of course, Sanchez didn’t exactly have the best night last night – but ...

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‘Iron Man 3′ Begins Production; Secures Increased Budget


iron man 3 production start budget

Even as the massive critical and financial success of The Avengers has us looking back at the history of Marvel’s shared movie universe, the studio has its gaze fixed firmly on the future – beginning with Iron Man 3.

Principal photography on the Iron Man threequel has reportedly gotten underway at the sound stages in Wilmington, North Carolina. As many reading this article are already well-aware: seasoned action filmmaker Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) is calling the shots.

This announcement comes courtesy of Latino Review, which is also the same site responsible for breaking the news about the storyline for Iron Man 3 being heavily influenced by Warren Ellis’ “Extremis” comic book mini-series. That scoop has since been all but officially confirmed.

As Screen Rant has continuously reported over the past two ...

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Warrior Princesses: New ‘Snow White & Huntsman’ Trailer & TV Spot, ‘Brave’ Clip


Snow White Huntsman Pixar Brave Trailers Clips TV Spots

More Summer movies are coming down the pipeline, and we’re rounding up promotional materials like clips, TV trailers and other goodies, so that you can view them all in one sitting without having to scour the Web.

Today we have new materials for Universal’s “not a fairy tale” epic, Snow White and the Huntsman, in the form of a new interactive trailer (that gives background on the film’s characters and setup), along with a new TV commercial that puts Snow (Kristen Stewart) front and center as a modern ass-kicking princess. Completing our roundup, we have a new clip from  Disney/Pixar’s Bravewhich is also a modernized princess fairy tale featuring a leading lady who is not afraid to kick a little ass.


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Natalie Portman to Produce and Star in Western Movie ‘Jane Got a Gun’


Natalie Portman to star 'Jane Got a Gun'

Oftentimes, the most celebrated actors are able to seamlessly go from genre to genre, losing themselves in every role – regardless of the story going on around them. If that holds true, Natalie Portman’s new project looks to be a winner.

The Oscar-winning star of Black Swan is set to produce and star in Jane Got a Gun, a new Western from Lynne Ramsay, director of last year’s acclaimed indie drama We Need to Talk About Kevin. The film will be written by Brian Duffield, whose script appeared on Hollywood’s annual Black List survey of the best unproduced screenplays.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jane – coincidentally the name of Portman’s character in Thortells the story of ...

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