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Reactions & Winners As Cannes Closes


The Cannes Film Festival is over for another year with the announcement of Michael Haneke’s well-received "Amour" taking home the fest's top honor - the Palme d’Or.

More controversial were some of the other supporting choices such as Matteo Garrone's "Reality" winning the Grand Prix (essentially the runner-up) while Carlos Reygadas scoring Best Director for "Post Tenebras Lux". Both films were not well received by critics at the fest, 'Reality' in particular drawing some outright jeers.

Also winning were Cristina Flutur and Cosmina Stratan who shared the Best Actress for their work in "Beyond The Hills" which also took Best Screenplay for Cristian Mungiu. Mads Mikkelsen won Best Actor for "The Hunt", Sundance winner "Beasts of the Southern Wild" won Caméra d’Or (Best First Film), while Ken Loach's "The Angels Share" took a Jury Prize.

The biggest surprise was the lack of recognition for some of the other much talked about entries - Leos Carax’s "Holy Motors" scored some serious love and buzz from part of the critical contingent but turned off some others.

Amongst other reactions garnered during the week - Andrew Dominik's "Killing Them Softly" had a lot of fans but isn't really seen as awards fare. Both Jeff Nichols' "Mud" and Jacques Audiard's "Rust and Bone" have their strong supporters, while Walter Salles' "On the Road" and Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom" seemed to both be liked but neither are particularly loved.

On the flip side Lee Daniels' "The Paperboy" is already something of a punchline, John Hillcoat's "Lawless" sadly fizzled, and David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis" got only an average response.

Ford For "Blade" Sequel, Pattinson Not In "Fire"


Ridley Scott has previously indicated his proposed "Blade Runner" follow-up will, though be set in the same universe as his 1982 classic, would almost certainly not involve Harrison Ford's Deckard character in any major way.

The filmmaker however didn't rule out a brief appearance though, something he expanded on (albeit only slightly) to The Independent this weekend. He tells the paper that "I don't think it'll be Harrison starring, but I've got to have him in it somewhere. That'd be amusing."

Hampton Fancher is currently at work on the script for that film.

Speaking of out there casting talk, a rumour popped up last week that "Twilight" series star Robert Pattinson was set to play Finnick Odair in the upcoming sequel "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire". The link was made as that film's director, Francis Lawrence, worked with Pattinson not that long ago on "Water for Elephants."

Now comes word direct from Pattinson to USA Today that the talk is simply not true - "I woke up this morning and saw all these things about me being cast in 'The Hunger Games.' I was kind of curious for a second. So I called my agent," he said. "[My agent] was like 'no one's going to offer you that part.'"

Lecter Has His Show So "Clarice" Gets Hers


With Hannibal Lecter having essentially retired from the film world, the small screen is exploiting Thomas Harris' properties in a big way.

As we know NBC has scheduled "Hannibal" for next season. That show is set in the years before the events of "Red Dragon" and follows Lecter's relationship with profiler Will Graham in their early days together before the latter knows of Lecter's true nature and captured him.

Now, MGM is in the early stages of developing "Clarice" for the Lifetime network which will focus on the Clarice Starling character says TV Guide. Said character was memorably played by Jodie Foster in 1991's "The Silence of the Lambs", and forgettably played by Julianne Moore in 2001's "Hannibal".

Events of the series will be set between those two works with a young Clarice having now graduated from the FBI academy (she was a student during 'Lambs'). The show is being seen as the next step in a shake-up at Lifetime after the success of their original series "The Client List".

Due to the different networks and approaches, there is not expected to be any crossover between the NBC & Lifetime shows.

"Iron Sky" Helmer To "Kill Hitler"


Having just directed "Iron Sky", filmmaker Timo Vuorensola can't seem to get enough of sci-fi comedy and Nazis.

Twitch reports that Vuorensola will helm "I Killed Adolf Hitler", a time travel comedy based on the award-winning graphic novel for Studio Eight, Blind Spot Pictures and Niama Film.

The story follows the adventures of a hitman who encounters serious complications after traveling back in time to 1938 to assassinate Hitler - the fascist dictator sent to the present while killer becomes stranded in the past.

D.C. Walker is adapting the script while Jamie and Alex Brow will produce. Vuorensola is continuing development on both an 'Iron' sequel and a prequel mini-series.

Casting: Ludwig, O’Reilly, Bowler, Wilde


Grown Ups 2
"The Hunger Games" bad guy Alexander Ludwig is set to play David Spade's son in "Grown Ups 2" at Sony. [Source: Chicago Tribune]

"The Help" star Ahna O'Reilly is set to play the female lead opposite Ashton Kutcher in Joshua Michael Stern's indie feature "Jobs" which begins filming soon.

Kutcher and Josh Gad play Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. O'Reilly will play Chris-Ann Brennan, the Bay Area painter who was Jobs' first girlfriend and later gave birth to his daughter. [Source: Variety]

Liz and Dick
Grant Bowler ("Lost," "True Blood") will play Richard Burton opposite Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming biopic "Liz and Dick" which explores the tempestuous relationship between the pair.

The project is Lohan's first major film role since her legal troubles began in 2010. [Source: Deadline]

Gabriella Wilde ("The Three Musketeers") will play Sue Snell and Judy Greer is likely to play Miss Collins in the upcoming new adaptation of Stephen King's "Carrie". Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore also star in the project which begins shooting shortly.

Both characters are two of the nicer ones in the film - the former a student who feels guilty over a previous humiliation of Carrie and tries to mend ways, the latter a gym teacher concerned about Carrie's welfare. [Source: Bloody Disgusting]

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