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New Release Dates for ‘X-Men: First Class 2′, ‘Thor 2′, ‘Rise of the Apes 2′ & More


x men first class thor rise planet apes sequels release dates

Within the span of a single day, three highly-anticipated sequels to hit 2011 films - X-Men: First ClassRise of the Planet of the Apes and Thor – have all secured new official release dates.

Meanwhile, director Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse has been pushed back a year. (Presumably, because the zombie apocalypse looks to beat it to the punch.) Robopocalypses previous release date will instead be occupied by Disney’s Lone Ranger and Fox’s 3D theatrical re-release of Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day.

Thor 2 will be the first of those buzzed-about sequels to reach U.S. theaters, now on November 8th (rather than the 15th) of 2013. That will give the Son of Odin a two-week head-start on Katniss Everdeen, who will return to theaters shortly thereafter with The Hunger Games: Catching ...

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New Release Dates for ‘X-Men: First Class 2′, ‘Thor 2′, ‘Rise of the Apes 2′ & More

Michael Fassbender Talks ‘X-Men: First Class 2′ & Acting Overload


Michael Fassbender Interview Prometheus X-Men First Class 2 12 Years a Slave

These days if you watch a string of movie trailers back-to-back, there’s a good (1-in-4?) chance that you’ll see the face of Michael Fassbender appear onscreen. In the last two years alone, Fassbender has been a standout performer in an ecclectic blend of films ranging from big-budget thrill rides (Jonah Hex, Haywire, Prometheus), to more stirring and/or provocative indie dramas (Jane Eyre, Shame, A Dangerous Method).

However, the general moviegoing public best knows Fassbender from his role as a young Magneto in X-Men: First Class - and are eagerly anticipating his return to the character in the already announced X-Men: First Class 2 (tentative title). Scroll down to read what Fassbender had to say at the
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Michael Fassbender Talks ‘X-Men: First Class 2′ & Acting Overload

‘Nurse Jackie’ Renewed For Season 5; Adds ‘Dexter’ Showrunner


Merritt Wever Peter Facinelli Bobby Cannavale Edie Falco Nurse Jackie Season 5

In renewing the award-winning Nurse Jackie for a fifth season, it looks as though Showtime is keeping it all in the family by tasking former Dexter head honcho Clyde Phillips to serve as the series’ new showrunner.

Phillips comes to Nurse Jackie following the announcement that co-creators Liz Brixius and Linda Wallem would be leaving the program after four seasons as showrunners. Apparently, the move works out well considering Phillips reportedly left his post on Dexter in part to spend more time with his family on the East Coast. Because Nurse Jackie is shot in New York, the location was a key component in luring the showrunner back to the network.

After experiencing a slip in the ratings during season 3, Showtime moved the series back to its original Sunday night time ...

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Rumored Plot Details For the Wachowskis’ ‘Jupiter Ascending’


jupiter ascending movie details wachowskis

Finding current photos of Matrix filmmakers Andy and Lana Wachowski (pictured above, with Arianna Huff) is quite a task. An even trickier task is trying to uncover official details about their upcoming projects, such as the sci-fi flick, Jupiter Ascending.

All that is known for certain about Jupiter Ascending is the genre and headliners, Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum. While we can offer some unconfirmed information about the film’s plot and characters, it’s best that you take all those details with a grain of salt – even though said information does make the project sound like the sort of imaginative (if strange) creation that’s right up the Wachowskis’ alley.

Vulture says that it has been “assured, repeatedly” by its source that the following summary of the plot and sci-fi mythology in Jupiter Ascending is indeed accurate. As ...

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‘Dexter’ Season 7 Teaser: Everything Exactly As It Should Be?


For six seasons Dexter Morgan has held a unique ability to keep fans of the show on the edge of their seats. Each time you say to yourself “this is the episode where he finally gets caught“, he goes and proves you wrong. His ability to maintain a career as a forensic blood splatter analyst within Miami’s police department, raise a son on his own, and still be able to secretly satisfy his addiction to killing, is a huge part of the allure that has kept the ratings of Dexter at a more than respectable level.

Some would argue that the sixth season of Dexter was its most nail-biting season to date. The final scene in the season finale was eye-popping enough to have fans salivating over what will come next. Rest assured, for Dexter season 7 is on the horizon.

The latest ...

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