While critics in Cannes fell all over themselves to breathlessly report on the first footage from Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained", the rest of us will get a first glimpse of it sooner than expected.

Several sources are citing that the trailer will debut in front of "Prometheus" on June 8th, though there is no connection between the two films beyond a likely R-rating for them both. A couple of new photos also premiered this weekend at Cinema Teaser.

More certain however are some other new trailers set to hit in the next week or two, said trailers having been recently approved by the Albertan Government's censorship board.

These include a 110-second first trailer for the Tom Cruise-led Jack Reacher movie which is officially listed as "Jack Reacher" (and not "One Shot"), a 91-second first trailer for "Les Miserables", a 144-second first trailer for Robert Zemeckis' "Flight", an 82-second second trailer for "Premium Rush", and a 147-second second trailer for "The Bourne Legacy".

Finally, though it's not in cinemas, new footage from "The Dark Knight Rises" will be screened next Sunday during the MTV Movie Awards.