Jericho Season 3 TV

The fight for the post- apocalyptic drama Jericho may not be over just yet, as Netflix has approached CBS about resurrecting the cult fave with all new episodes.

The series starred Skeet Ulrich and Ashley and revolved around the residents of a small, rural town in Kansas called Jericho; in the aftermath of a devastating nuclear assault on 23 major US. cities, the Jericho survivors mount staggering  efforts to restore life to some sort of normalcy. CBS cancelled Jericho after its first season due to less than stellar rating, but die-hard fans assembled to launch a successful campaign to save the series, involving sending over 20 tons of nuts to CBS headquarters.

Despite the passionate fan efforts, Jericho was cancelled again for the final time after the second season. Following its television demise there was
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Netflix Wants To Revive ‘Jericho’