highlander reboot ryan reynolds

There hasn’t really been any progress or report on the Highlander reboot, since Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) signed up to direct the project – shortly before he officially jumped ship on another impending reboot, The Crow.

Reports are in that the newly-formed Lionsgate-Summit has potentially found the man to follow after Christopher Lambert as the revamped Highlander series’ protagonist [Insert obligatory "There can be only one!" joke here] – and it’s none other than Blade/X-Men/Green Lantern franchise alum, Ryan Reynolds.

Variety says that Reynolds has emerged as the front-runner for the rebooted Highlander; furthermore, their insiders are reporting that preliminary talks have begun, but that Reynolds is still “weighing other offers.” So there is no guarantee (yet) that he will commit to the project, which is being scripted by Iron Man and Punisher: ...

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