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‘Iron Man 3′ Rumor: ‘Iron Patriot’ Armor is Actually War Machine


Seeing is believing – but the problem with set photos is you sometimes don’t quite know what you’re seeing. This is certainly the case with comic book movies, where any photo of costumes, make-up, or even generic-looking motion capture suits can spark all kinds of specious guesswork and deduction. Hey, we’re totally guilty of it: after all, pitching your own guesses and/or wishes is half the fun of comic book films, right?

News has been coming fast about production on Marvel’s Iron Man 3, and one of the biggest pot-stirrers were set photos that revealed (what appeared to be) the Iron Patriot or Detroit Steel armor, presumably worn by actor James Badge Dale, who will star as a villain (one of several).  However, new rumors indicate that the old rumors ...

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Have Your Say: "Prometheus" (SPOILERS)


Ridley Scott's much anticipated return to science fiction, "Prometheus", hits many cinemas worldwide this weekend. The film is already doing gangbuster business with $3.5 million from midnight screenings alone in the U.S. and a $50+ million weekend expected, an impressive feat for an R-rated feature.

Though going into the year it was a film many were keen to see, early screenings over the past two weeks may have dampened enthusiasm somewhat. Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes have it at 74% and a 6.9/10 while Metacritic sits at 64/100. Decent but not great scores.


More telling is that reactions have been strong with terms like 'disappointment' and 'awe-inspiring' being thrown about. There's a lot of love for the more "Star Trek: Next Gen"-style epic sci-fi drama of the first half with its bigger questions of creation and a great turn by Michael Fassbender. The second and more "Alien"-esque horror-oriented half is frequently being labelled a mess in spite of one sequence (the disturbing surgery scene) being highly praised.

Debates are set to rage as to what worked, what didn't, who is to praise and who is to blame for the end result. Would it have been a better film had it ditched any of its "Alien" connections, or should it have gone the other way and been a straight up prequel?

Did many of the issues that plagued the ending of "Lost" (answering questions only with questions, unsatisfying character arcs) show up in Damon Lindelof's script for this? Did Scott's desire to leave room for sequels compromise giving this the satisfying ending it deserved, or do you prefer the ambiguous nature of what we see?

Please leave your comments below. Because this is a film that can't really be discussed without spoilers, you can talk about all the spoilers you like below including the ending. If you haven't seen the film yet and want to, do NOT ready any further down the page.

Stephen King’s ‘It’ Getting Two-Film Adaptation by ‘Jane Eyre’ Director


stephen king it movie cary fukunaga

Warner Bros. has been planning a film adaptation of Stephen King’s 1,138 page novel It for the past three years. The last substantial report on the project was nearly two years ago, with an update from screenwriter David Kajganich (The Invasion, Blood Creek) about the challenge of fitting King’s massive literature into a 2-3 hour movie.

Now, we have word that the project is still lurching forward; however, It (no pun) has taken on a radically new form. King’s source material will now be covered over the course of two films, as co-written and directed by Cary Fukunaga. It’s probably safe to assume that Kajganich’s script draft has been abandoned, at this point.

Fukunaga began his career as a cinematographer, before breaking out as a writer and director with the immigration drama Sin Nombre at the 2009 ...

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Lindelof To Pen "World War Z" Reshoots


"Lost" show runner and "Prometheus" scribe Damon Lindelof has come onboard to perform re-writes on Paramount’s troubled zombie movie "World War Z" says Heat Vision.

Though already shot, the Marc Forster-directed film is slated to undergo several weeks of reshoots in September or October - extra filming that required the film to be bumped by six months from this Xmas to next June.

Lindelof's work is said to focus on the movie's third act. Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos and James Badge Dale star in the adaptation of the Max Brooks book..

News Shorts: June 8th 2012


Posters for Dredd, Flight, End of Watch, Magic Mike, Samsara, Resident Evil: Retribution and 360.

"Iron Man 3" set photos indicate the criminal scientific organization A.I.M. (Advance Idea Mechanics) appears in the movie. Said group in the comics created and then was run by fan-favorite character M.O.D.O.K.

"eOne has set an August 17th release date in New York and Los Angeles for David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis' starring Robert Pattinson…" (full details)

"Angelina Jolie is being mentioned as a possible director for the upcoming film adaptation of E.L. James' 'Fifty Shades of Grey'…" (full details)

"Paramount has registered a bunch of domain names, all of which include 'Jackass', and many of which contain either 4 and/or 'Bad Grandpa'…" (full details)

"Syfy has renewed 'Lost Girl' for a third season, which will arrive on the network in January 2013…" (full details)

"WWE Studios has acquired Adam Rodin's suspense thriller spec 'Interrogation'. The story posits that a bomb will go off in Las Vegas on one of the busiest betting days. A brilliant interrogator is called in to question the prime suspect as time runs out, and it becomes clear there’s an even bigger plan in place for both of them.…" (full details)

"IFC Midnight has acquired U.S. rights to Brandon Cronenberg’s 'Antiviral'. The futuristic film is set in a clinic that harvests live viruses from sick celebrities and then sells them to the celebrities’ rabid fans…" (full details)

"IFC Midnight is acquiring all US rights to 'Replicas', the acclaimed thriller from director Jeremy Power Regimbal, which had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April…" (full details)

"Paramount and Namco Bandai has given fans the first look at the key villain to be featured in the upcoming video game inspired by J.J. Abrams' 'Star Trek' reboot. Said villain will be the legendary lizard-like race The Gorn…" (full details)

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