Did Karl Urban just spoil one of J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" sequel secrets?

There's been confusion for some time now as to which villain from Trek-lore will "Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch be playing.

Urban, out doing promotion for the "Dredd" reboot, appears to have let slip that secret in an interview with SFX, saying of Cumberbatch "He's awesome, he's a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary."

Mitchell appeared in only one episode of the original "Star Trek" series - the second to be produced but first to be broadcast pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before".

In that episode Mitchell was Kirk's good friend and classmate from Starfleet Academy, the pair serving together and saving each other's lives in events before the series began.

In the episode their exposure to the energy barrier that surrounds the galaxy causes Mitchell to suddenly develop increasingly powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities, along with delusions of God-hood. Kirk is forced to abandon and then ultimately kill Mitchell.

Urban however could well be lying, the production crew on the film is already famous for spreading misinformation - this could be the case here.

Indeed not only has the Gary Mitchell character has already been dealt with (and killed) in the official tie-in comics bridging the two films, but Roberto Orci a few weeks ago said Mitchell is NOT one of the characters in the film.