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Stranger Things Season 2 Casts Nashville Actor Will Chase

Nashville Will Chase

Nashville vet Will Chase has joined the growing season 2 cast of Netflix’s Stranger Things. The series, a sleeper hit from last summer, has been slowly rolling out details since landing a renewal shortly after its debut. Thus far, producers have teased a bigger, darker, more horror-oriented return, as well as justice for fallen fan-favorite Barb and more time in its treacherous second dimension, the Upside Down.

The show has also added a slew of new faces, including Paul Reiser (Mad About You, Aliens), Sean Astin (Goonies, Lord of the Rings), and Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen. Reiser is playing a kindhearted former nerd who went to high school with Joyce (Winona Ryder), Astin ...

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Mark Hamill Pranks Star Wars Fans as Darth Vader

Mark Hamill Darth Vader

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill played his “father” Darth Vader and others to prank fans in a clever video to promote the newest Force For Change contest. Hamill, whose farm boy-turned-galactic hero Luke Skywalker was introduced to moviegoers 40 years ago this May 25, has been enjoying a renaissance of the classic character since he appeared in the pivotal last scene of The Force Awakens in 2015. Of course, the debut of the trailer of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi officially confirmed that Luke will be at the center of the film, which he chatted with fans and journalists about (as much as he could, anyway) at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando last month.

A few days before he descended upon the celebration, Hamill and his new trilogy co-star Daisy Ridley announced a new Force For Change initiative to celebrate the ...

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Score: A Film Music Documentary Trailer Celebrates Hollywood’s Favorite Composers

Get a rare glimpse at John Williams and Steven Spielberg coming up with the E.T. theme in the new Score: A Film Documentary trailer.

Everything, Everything Trailer Has Two Teens Locked in a Unique Romance

A young woman who can never leave her home falls for the boy next door in the enduring romantic drama Everything, Everything.

The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown

Idris Elba and Tom Taylor, The Dark Tower

Sony Pictures has finally released the first trailer for The Dark Tower, the highly anticipated cinematic adaptation of Stephen King’s epic work. Starring Idris Elba as Roland Deschain a.k.a. the Gunslinger and Matthew McConaughey as The Man in Black, The Dark Tower movie pulls influence from across all of King’s novels, while at the same time serving as a sequel of sorts. Theoretically, given that King’s world comprises multiple parallel universes, this version of The Dark Tower could take place in another universe – essentially being the same story retold but with differences.

As expected, this first trailer was a full-length one rather than a teaser, and it gave us a good look at the overall tone of ...

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