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Will SWORD Appear In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?


Throughout its fourth season, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. blew open the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe by introducing a number of concepts from the comics. Ghost Rider, LMDs, and a world controlled by Hydra each could have spun out entire seasons, but SHIELD deftly wove them all together into a cohesive story mixing science and magic into the show’s strongest overall arc yet. But as big as many of the introductions were this season, the brief tag at the end of last week’s finale may prove to be the most consequential move the show has ever made.

Until the ...

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UFO Drama Blue Book From Robert Zemeckis Ordered By History

History Channel Logo

The History Channel orders Robert Zemeckis’ new UFO drama Blue Book straight to series. The network, which is most well known for reality programming like Pawn Stars and American Pickers, ventured into the realm of scripted dramas in 2013 with Vikings, which has been renewed through season 5. The History Channel has since added a second scripted drama to their lineup with Six and are continuing to expand with two upcoming series.

Zemeckis made headlines recently as a frontrunner to direct The Flash movie as part of Warner Bros’ DC Extended Universe, after previous rumors he’d had meetings with the studio. His next directing project is the as yet untitled film set ...

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UFO Drama Blue Book From Robert Zemeckis Ordered By History

[SPOILER] Confirms Exit From the Arrowverse


In the wake of Arrow‘s season 5 finale, John Barrowman has confirmed that he will not be returning next season. It wasn’t long after Smallville ended that The CW launched its new superhero universe, beginning with Arrow in 2012. The series needed a strong villain to go up against Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow (or the Hood, as he was known back then), and the series found that villain in Barrowman’s Malcolm Merlyn, aka the Magician/Dark Archer.

Merlyn not only opposed Oliver in the series’ first season, but he carried one of the most intriguing arcs throughout the entire Arrowverse. For instance, he came back from the dead, figuratively, and ...

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Bryan Fuller Has a Great Idea For Hannibal Season 4

Mads Mikkelsen in Hannibal NBC

While TV history plays host to a massive list of great shows that were canceled too soon, few recent cancellations seemed to hit the series’ fan base harder than Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal. During a recent appearance on noted horror filmmaker Mick Garris’ Post Mortem podcast, Fuller shared a rather interesting plot idea for a potential Hannibal season 4.

Despite Hannibal’s status as a critical darling — and fiercely loyal cult of fans, often dubbed “Fannibals” — the series never managed to captivate the masses at large, starting with pretty terrible ratings in season 1, then just dipping further from there. While NBC — a very odd ...

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The Jetsons Movie Lands Sausage Party Director

Warner Animation Group has brought on Sausage Party director Conrad Vernon to develop and possibly direct The Jetsons animated adaptation.
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