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Curb Your Enthusiasm Star Says Season 9 Is Set For Fall 2017 Premiere


Curb Your Enthusiasm star J.B. Smoove has just revealed that the highly anticipated ninth season of the series will premiere October 1 on HBO. Smoove, who plays the hilarious and always charming Leon Black has been something of an unofficial spokesman for the new season, ever since filming began in Los Angeles last November. To date we knew that a new season of Curb would air at some point in 2017, but an exact date had not been announced.

It’s been a long wait for diehard fans of the series, which chronicles the ins and outs (but mostly outs) of famed Seinfeld ...

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Noomi Rapace Goes Full Orphan Black in Seven Sisters Trailer

Noomi Rapace in Seven Sisters

The trailer for Seven Sisters has been released thanks to SND Films. The film stars Noomi Rappace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus) playing seven different characters across the film. Set in a futuristic world where a one child per family policy has been introduced, Willem Dafoe’s character hides a secret from the government. He’s secretly been raising seven identical granddaughters, each named after a day of the week. The twist here is, all of those characters have to act as one singular person, Karen Settman, one day a week. The sisters live in a constant state of cat-and-mouse as they attempt to evade the authorities and survive.

Set in 2073, the trailer shows us a glimpse of what life could be like under a one child per family rule, and it looks dystopian. The film also stars Glenn Close as Nicolette Cayman, a member of the shadowy Bureau, who ...

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Flash Thompson Isn’t A Bully In Spider-Man: Homecoming

Tony Revolori's Flash Thompson Will Be a 'Smug' Bully

Despite expectations and all previous live-action versions of him, classic Spider-Man character Flash Thompson will apparently not be portrayed as a “bully” in Spider-Man: Homecoming. According to lead actor Tom Holland, the usual jock-picks-on-nerd motif is no longer part of that relationship in the forthcoming movie.

Eugene “Flash” Thompson has been an an enemy and (on occasion) a friend to the web-slinging hero since his very first appearance in  Amazing Fantasy comics way back in 1962. In his original incarnation, he was the typical blond-haired jock, a high school football player who bullied everyone weaker than him. Of course, geeky Peter was a target, but ironically he hero-worshipped Spider-Man and his vigilante antics.

Over the years, ...

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Tony Stark Designed Spider-Man Suit Abilities Revealed in Homecoming

A new sneak peek that aired on the Disney Channel revealed new details about the Stark suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: June 4, 2017

Wonder Woman Trailer Diana Sword

DC’s critical rebound led to commercial records being broken at the box office, as comic fans celebrated a long-awaited film more than 75 years in the making.

Easily coming out on top this weekend is Wonder Woman (read our review) with $100.5 million grossed in its first three days domestically. Thanks to enthusiastic word-of-mouth from pundits and audiences alike, the movie was able to exceed expectations and become the highest debut for a female-directed film. Demand for Wonder Woman was quite high across the board. Not only has the public been clamoring for more diversity in the genre, this summer has gotten off to a sluggish start, with many of the May tentpoles ...

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