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Leaked Last Jedi Art Reveals New Stormtrooper, Snoke’s Guard and More

Leaked artwork reveals Snoke's elite guards, a new First Order Stormtrooper commando and the massive AT-M6 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Arrow Producer Teases Helix’s Involvement in Season 6


Arrow has probably not seen the last of Helix. Season 5 ended on a rather big cliffhanger. While Oliver was able to save his son William from Adrian Chase, it looked as though every other person in his life was trapped on Lian Yu when the island was ravaged by explosions. It won’t be until season 6 that Oliver — and the audience — learns whether anyone was killed by Prometheus’ final trap.

But that was not the only thread left dangling at the end of season 5. During the second half of the season, Felicity joined forces with hacktivist group Helix — in spite of their questionable ...

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Chunk Actor Pays Tribute to Goonies Director Richard Donner

The Goonies star Jeff Cohen thanks Richard Donner for his current career path during a big ceremony for the director in Los Angeles.

The Blob Remake Poster Sure Looks Familiar


A new poster for the remake of The Blob looks remarkably similar to the classic Alien poster. Details regarding the new remake have been pretty sparse recently, with some people doubting we would even see it. But a new sales art poster has just been released online, and it looks almost identical to a classic sci-fi horror image that film-fans are very familiar with.

The original 1958 version of The Blob was a typically cheesy monster-on-the-loose movie, that was more famous for featuring Steve McQueen in his first starring role rather than the quality of the story or the special effects. But it was a “guilty pleasure” for many and became a cult film. Larry Hagman (Dallas) even directed a belated sequel called Beware! ...

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8 Most Powerful (And 7 Weakest) Dragon Ball Characters


The Dragon Ball series has been going strong for more than 30 years now. Over this time, it has introduced us to some of the most powerful characters in anime history. The newest saga in the franchise, Dragon Ball Super, carries on where Dragon Ball Z left off, introducing fighters with ludicrously high power-levels that have the capability to destroy entire planets and even universes. However, for every deity that has the power of a God, there is always another fighter that has the power-level of a bowl of wet noodles.

Today, we’ll be counting down the strongest and weakest fighters in ...

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