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Amy Hennig Explains Why Visceral’s Star Wars Isn’t At E3 2017


Visceral Games’ Amy Hennig and Todd Stashwick explain why their upcoming Star Wars game isn’t being previewed at this year’s E3. Next week, members of the entertainment industry will descend upon the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) in downtown Los Angeles for E3, an annual trade fair for the video game industry where publishers go to introduce and show off their upcoming games. This year Star Wars: Battlefront II is the talk of the town, and much of Saturday’s early press conference was devoted to the game that releases this November.

Understandably, a lot of fans were then left wondering what’s the latest on Visceral Games’ own ...

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Amy Hennig Explains Why Visceral’s Star Wars Isn’t At E3 2017

15 Most Crushing Defeats In Movie History

Movie Crushing Defeats

Evenly-matched fight scenes are how movies create the most tension and suspense. Audiences are used to watching the protagonist fight two or more opponents with vigour, neither gaining an advantage over the other, until that final moment when the protagonist manages to unlock a hidden power/realize what’s at stake/remember a promise to their dead beloved.

You know the drill; it’s just not as entertaining if the good guys are always the ones who end up on top, after stomping out the bad guys like bugs.

However, we all love a good stomp battle every now and then. Whether it’s to show someone’s power, make a villain truly terrifying, or just for sheer cinematic excitement, there’s a cathartic joy to seeing one ...

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Batman Actors & Writers Pay Respects to Adam West

Best Batman Actors Adam West

Adam West passed away last night after a brief battle with cancer, and the people who knew him best are now paying their respects to the legendary actor. West was known for his iconic portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the 1966 Batman TV series, which only ran for three seasons before being canceled. Despite that, it turned into a cult favorite among fans and has since gone on to become one of the most defining superhero shows in Hollywood history.

Batman wasn’t the only highlight of his career, though. Once the show ended, the actor carried a prolific career in voice acting, voicing characters in shows such as Johnny ...

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Luke Cage & Claire Temple Share A Moment in Season 2 Set Photos

Rosario Dawson and Mike Colter as Claire Temple and Luke Cage

New set photos for the second season of Luke Cage prove that the bulletproof hero’s romance with Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) isn’t going anywhere. While The Defenders is still two months away, we know that many of the heroes from Marvel’s Netflix universe will be continuing their solo missions. Luke CageDaredevil, and Jessica Jones will not only all be getting new seasons, but they’ve been confirmed to arrive next year. While fans are still waiting to hear about Iron Fist, there will be more than enough solo Defenders action in the near future.

Of course, all of these renewals mean we can rest assured ...

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The 15 Worst Episodes Of Arrow


Without Arrow, the amazing superhero universe on The CW simply wouldn’t exist. The grounded and gritty approach to the Green Arrow character hit at the right exact time on the network, and it has since expanded out to an incredibly fun multiverse of interconnected heroes all wearing pleather or something like it. It’s easy to think fondly about Arrow because of this accomplishment. This is especially true after experiencing season 5, as it was without a doubt the best season in Arrow’s 100+ episode history. It has been a long and rocky road with Oliver Queen, though.

As much we’d all like to forget the dark ages that were ...

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