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Why Are Marvel Movie Posters So Ugly?


Let’s not mince words: The most recent Spider-Man Homecoming poster is awful. It’s overcrowded, messy on a basic design level, and it doesn’t capture the mood or tone of the film or its main character. Indeed, he is barely the central feature, as your eye is more drawn to glowing Tony Stark in the top-right corner or Iron Man on the opposite side. This proved especially disappointing since the teaser posters for the film were so striking in their simplicity, showing Spider-Man himself, front and center, both on the job clinging to the side of Avengers HQ and relaxing on the city’s outskirts with his headphones on. You immediately know the two sides ...

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Latest Valerian TV Spot Highlights Action-Packed Visuals

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Header

The latest TV spot for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets continues to shine a light on the film’s gorgeous visual effects and set pieces. In a year filled with highly-anticipated sequels and recognizable titles hitting theaters, Valerian has emerged as one of the most promising sci-fi flicks of 2017. Coming from critically-acclaimed director Luc Besson, the film finds him going back to the cosmic sci-fi realm that he played around with so beautifully in The Fifth Element, and which many fans have been waiting to see him return.

Based on a long-running French comic book series of the same name, Valerian follows special agents Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) when they are hired to investigate the sudden attacks happening on Alpha, a popular metropolis planet with over a thousand different cultures living together and sharing all of their information with each other. But with the emergence of ...

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Assassin’s Creed: Origins E3 Trailer & Gameplay Preview

Assassins Creed Origins

Fans of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed game franchise were aware the next title long before Assassin’s Creed: Origins was presented at E3 2017, with a trailer and five minutes of gameplay footage. Still, despite the fact that the title was previously confirmed by the developer, with plenty of hints about new additions being made to the gameplay mechanics, as well as its brand new setting, the trailer and preview make for a tantalizing return for the long-running open world series after a brief hiatus.

The trailer quickly immerses viewers in the world of Ancient Egypt, giving players a taste of what it will be like to venture into a setting quite unlike anything the games have attempted before, while also providing some idea of what’s in store in terms of the game’s content, what it reveals about the titular assassins and, obviously, the group’s origins. That’s a big promise from ...

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15 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments In Superhero TV History


Superhero TV shows are enjoyable to a wide range of audiences, from young kids to hardcore adult fans. And why wouldn’t they be? Be it a comic book adaptation or original superhero series, we get an opportunity to suspend disbelief and enjoy the wonders of a universe with superheroes, supervillains, and the action-packed drama that ensues. We can join fanbases that fawn over new episodes and become captivated by the possibilities of the next. If anything, superhero television doesn’t just provide entertainment, but it can also provide a sense of fan community.

Unfortunately, like any television series, superhero adaptations are definitely not exempt from a cringe-inducing episode or two. We have to give ...

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Why Chris Evans Decided to Return for Avengers 4

Chris Evans wasn't supposed to be in Avengers 4 but added the sequel to his contract for one important reason.
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