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Joel Schumacher Apologizes for Batman & Robin


Joel Schumacher has officially apologized for Batman & Robin ahead of the film’s 20th anniversary. Batman is one of the most famous and iconic fictional characters in history. He has been adapted in numerous mediums over the years, including cinema. Tim Burton’s original 1989 Batman film marked a turning point for superhero movies. It’s overwhelming success spawned a sequel, Batman Returns. Burton, however, didn’t want to return for a third installment, so Warner Bros. ended up hiring Schumacher for Batman Forever.

Unfortunately, it was the fourth installment in the initial Batman series, Batman & Robin, that set the franchise down a damaging path. George Clooney, Chris O’Donnell, ...

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Marvel Boss Won’t Rule Out R-Rated MCU Movies

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige gives an intriguing answer when asked if the studio is planning any R-rated movies.

WWII Planes Are Flying Over E3 For Call of Duty

Call of Duty WW2

As part of a promotional campaign that seeks to further hit home the realism and attention to detail of Sledgehammer Games’ upcoming Call of Duty: WWII, actual World War II era planes will be flying over Los Angeles for the opening of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The event will also mark the first hands on, public multi-player opportunity for the highly anticipated latest Call of Duty title, which is set for an official release later this year in November.

Fans of the Call of Duty series have been treated to several very promising glimpses at the upcoming game, ever since its imminent release was announced earlier this ...

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Valiant Comic’s Shadowman Movie Gets House Party Director

Director Reginald Hudlin will take on comic book thriller Shadowman for Valiant Entertainment.

Transformers Planning Spinoff Movie Set in Ancient Rome

Dinobots - Transformers 4Dinobots - Transformers 4

With Transformers: the Last Knight hitting theaters next week, rumors have it that one of the planned upcoming spinoffs for the robots in disguise will primarily take place during Ancient Roman times.

Paramount is looking to develop the Transformers franchise beyond the massive Optimus Prime-led blockbusters that make up the core films. This includes spinning supporting characters off into their own films and changing the settings of the movies to expand beyond battles for the modern-day Earth as we know it. We now know that one of the spinoffs being planned changes the setting and tone considerably, even threatening to once again reshuffle the history within the series.

Fan site Transformer World 2005 obtained an article from Empire Magazine on ...

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