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What Guillermo Del Toro Really Thinks of the Hellboy Reboot

Guillermo del Toro finally opens up about the Hellboy remake offering his true opinion on the upcoming comic book adaptation.

Danny Elfman On Board to Compose Justice League Score

Justice League Full Poster

DC’s Justice League will now be receiving its score from Danny Elfman, one of the superhero genre’s most experienced and beloved composers. The film is set to be the second DC film Warner Bros. is releasing this year, which coming off of the overwhelming success of Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, has the kind of momentum that few other superhero films do. And that’s a stark contrast to how many had viewed the DCEU films near the end of last year, coming off of the disappointing reactions to both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad.

Following the recent departure of Zack Snyder, Joss Whedon has signed up to oversee the completion of the film in ...

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Val Kilmer Shares Rare Doors Movie Rehearsal Video

Val Kilmer shows off old footage of himself in character as Jim Morrison rehearsing at Whiskey a Go Go in the 1990s for Oliver Stone's biopic.

How Cars 3 Brings The Franchise Full Circle


Owen Wilson has become known the most for his appearances in Frat Pack style comedies, collaborating frequently with his brothers Luke and Andrew in films as well as comedian Ben Stiller. He has also become known for his collaborations with director Wes Anderson. Now he’s back reprising his role as Lightning McQueen in Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3.

Screen Rant got a chance to chat with Owen, where we discussed what he thought about the movie’s message, what it was like working with Pixar, and whether there has been progress on a Shanghai Noon sequel.

First of all, I want to say congratulations on the film. I had so much fun with this movie.

Owen Wilson: Thanks very much. Yeah. I watched it for the first time last night at the premiere.


Owen Wilson: Yeah. I really enjoyed it too.

I loved it! One thing that I loved about this film was how relatable it was ...

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Wonder Woman & Aquaman Get Exclusive SDCC Funko Toys


DC Comics’ Wonder Woman and Aquaman are both getting adorable Funko Pop! makeovers for Comic-Con International in San Diego this summer. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman has taken the world by storm with everyone from Captain Marvel star Brie Larson and Oprah Winfrey, who celebrated Wonder Woman day by holding a party for 10-year-olds, to Marvel’s biggest stars praising the superhero film. Aquaman is also getting some hype with photos surfacing of Amber Heard’s character Mera and news that Nicole Kidman has arrived to shoot her scenes as Queen Atlanna.

With the success of ...

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