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How Wonder Woman’s Credits Complete Her Origin


In a new interview, director Patty Jenkins talks about the Wonder Woman end credits, and how they complete the character’s origin story. The film is the most straightforward origin story of the DCEU so far, taking place when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) first crash landed on Themyscira and met the princess of the Amazons. From there, the story unfolds as Diana comes to the world of man to battle Ares, God of War, and become the superhero known as Wonder Woman.

The film ends with a look at Wonder Woman as she is in the present day DCEU, established as a hero and in contact with Batman (Ben Affleck), as he sends ...

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Black Panther Confirmed to Include Nightshade


Marvel villain Nightshade will be making her way to Black Panther, teasing an MCU future full of werewolves. At this point, Marvel’s upcoming adaptation of superhero Black Panther is looking to be an ensemble to rival an Avengers film. Already hotly anticipated before the cast was announced, the new film is packed full of acting heavy-hitters who will each bring a commanding presence to the screen. Among them are also a number of relative newcomers, though that will likely change following the film’s release. Marvel fans were already excited to see the hero get a solo film following his introduction in Captain America: Civil War, but the release of the first Black Panther teaser trailer for the film has
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Black Panther Confirmed to Include Nightshade

Who Will Replace Han Solo Directors: Howard, Kasdan or Johnson?

Ron Howard and Lawrence Kasdan have emerged as contenders to replace Lord an Miller on the Star Wars: Han Solo spin-off, along with Joe Johnston.

Taken Season 2: Jennifer Beals & Clive Standen Only Stars Returning

Jennifer Beals and Clive Standen in Taken

Action TV series Taken won’t be the same when it returns for season 2. Following a change in creative direction, only two main cast members, Clive Standen and Jennifer Beal, are remaining with the show. Airing on NBC, Taken is based off the popular trilogy of action movies of the same name. Starring Liam Neeson, the Taken films focused on Neeson’s character, Bryan Mills, a retired CIA operative who finds himself in a variety of violent situations trying to protect his family.

The series explores Mills’ past by putting a younger version of the character (Vikings Clive Standen) on a team of special intelligence operatives ...

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Will Star Wars 8 Ending Rip-Off Empire Strikes Back Cliffhanger?

A new rumor claims that some mighty big questions will be left lingering around the ultimate fate of Rey and Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi.
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