Fionn Whitehead in Dunkirk

Warner Bros released a slew of new TV spots for Dunkirk to tease its themes of survival. Christopher Nolan’s latest will tell the story of the famous World War II evacuation and rescue mission in France, depicting the intense pressure facing Allied troops as the German army closed in on them. The movie will recount the events and follow its ensemble cast from three different points of view: land, air, and sea.

For the Allied Forces, the Battle of Dunkirk was not necessarily about victory, but survival. Nolan himself has described the successful evacuation as a “colossal victory” on a human scale, despite being a military defeat. Winston Churchill was able to tout his troops’ survival as a win in itself. Hence, a series of new banners and TV spots for the movie put heavy emphasis on the tagline, “Survival is Victory.”

IGN exclusively revealed three new banners to promote Dunkirk on Monday, all of ...

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