Neill Blomkamp Oats Studios

The first short film from Oats Studios has been released online, and it’s a cross between The Terminator and Independence Day. Directed by Neill Blomkamp (District 9) the film is titled Rakka and shows the Earth being oppressed by a cruel race of lizard-like aliens.

Oats Studio has been teased for some time by Blomkamp, and is an experimental project that returns him to his indie sci-fi roots. Recent teasers and trailers from the filmmaking group has shown footage from the first wave of short films known as Volume 1. Consisting of cinema-quality special effects and an appearance by Sigourney Weaver (shades of Blomkamp’s cancelled Alien 5), they looked to be seriously intriguing. Fleshless characters, mech-suits, and gruesome sequences were all in evidence. The first short movie has now been made available for viewing, and it’s pretty dark.

Rakka is 21 minutes long and can ...

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