Mario Peace Sign In Super Mario 64

One particular fan has made a Super Mario Odyssey mod for the now-classic Nintendo game, Super Mario 64. The Super Mario Odyssey E3 trailer itself was one of the biggest trailers to be unveiled during the gaming event, as part of Nintendo’s larger presentation for the Nintendo Switch. Besides the game’s wild new levels, including one based on New York City, the trailer also teased Mario’s incredible new hat-based power. In Odyssey, Mario will be able to remove his hat and throw it, using the floating hat as a platform for jumping. But more than that, Mario can also fling his hat at certain enemies and take control of their bodies.

Watching the Odyssey trailer, one couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to go back and play the classic Super Mario 64 with the new hat powers (Mario 64 did give you hats that let you fly, walk ...

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