One of our most anticipated virtual reality games, and the first full-body virtual sport (“vSport”), known as Sparc finally has a release window and platform announcement. The upcoming title by CCP Games, and their first not set within the EVE Online universe, will release exclusively for PlayStation VR in Q3 2017 with other platforms to follow later.

Interestingly, CCP’s first VR game – and the experience that got me personally invested into virtual reality – EVE: Valkyrie was a launch exclusive and pack-in for the Oculus Rift when it released the game was later available to launch alongside the PSVR as well as one of its best titles. CCP has made an effort to develop different experiences for different VR platforms, supporting all of the major headsets, frequently updating all of their games, an even crafting mobile VR experiences with EVE: Gunjack (the sequel of which was an exclusive for Google’s Daydream).

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Sparc Releasing Exclusively on PlayStation VR This Fall