A new behind-the-scenes video from next week’s release Transformers: The Last Knight has been unveiled, giving us a 360-degree look at some of the major action sequences in the film.

Director Michael Bay has made a career out of his love for crazy stunts, special effects, and massive explosions. Given the precedent set by the previous films in the Transformers franchise, the pyrotechnics on any Transformers movie set seem to be constant – especially with Bay aspiring to make the biggest and loudest movie possible with his swan song to the Transformers franchise, with The Last Knight. For movie fans who have always wished to know what that experience is like during filming, you now have your wish.

On the official Transformers: The Last Knight YouTube page, Transformers fans are treated to a comprehensive look at the chaos that goes into filming three of the major action sequences in the film. Using YouTube’s 360 degree technology, fans can rotate the perspective of ...

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