Legendary Entertainment has released a new video showcasing the vibrant color from Zack Snyder’s Watchmen film. Years before Snyder partnered with Christopher Nolan to reboot the Superman franchise with Man of Steel, and then proceed to shepherd the burgeoning DC Extended Universe, he brought Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ iconic graphic novel, Watchmen, to life on the big screen. Although the movie was largely a page-by-page adaptation of the limited comic series it’s based on, the movie had its fair share of detractors.

It’s arguable that Watchmen is what turned Snyder into a controversial figure in the entertainment industry, and that’s where he has remained ever since. Both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice have divided audiences, and it was only the release of the latter film’s Ultimate Edition that won ...

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Watchmen: New Video Highlights the Movie’s Use of Color