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15 DC Villains That Superman Has NEVER Defeated


Heat vision, muscles of steel, and the slim blue suit are all icons of the legendary Superman. He is the ultimate image of power, but is he as powerful as everyone thinks he is?

The innocent and defenceless people of the world rely on the Last Son of Krypton to be their savior and to protect them from the evil beings that are continuously invading their universe. Superman represents everything that is right, and helps to instill the image that good always triumphs over evil.

However, throughout Superman’s career, he has been beaten down, demolished, and even killed by evil villains. Sometimes he is able to bounce back from these beatings and defeat ...

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Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: July 9, 2017


The return of a certain Friendly Neighborhood gave the summer box office the shot in the arm it needed and awoke the marketplace from the recent summer doldrums.

Opening in first, as expected, is Spider-Man: Homecoming (read our review), which earned $117 million in its first three days. That is the second-highest debut for a Spider-Man solo film, trailing only the gigantic $151.1 million Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 posted back in 2007. It is also the third-highest start for any movie in 2017, trailing only fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe installment Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Beauty and the BeastHomecoming arrived at just the right time, helping satisfy the demand for a rousingly entertaining tentpole after ...

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Dunkirk: Christopher Nolan Didn’t Realize Harry Styles’ Popularity


Writer-director Christopher Nolan admits that he didn’t know how popular Harry Styles was before casting him in DunkirkStyles is, of course, best-known to most teens and millennials as one-fourth of the British pop quartet (formerly quintent) One Direction, whose hits include such global smashes as “What Makes You Beautiful,” “Best Song Ever” and “Story of My Life.”

Outside of Morgan Spurlock’s 2013 documentary, One Direction: This is Us, Styles has never made any appearances in front of the camera as an actor – which perhaps the reason Nolan didn’t realize who the singer was, exactly, when it came to auditions for his upcoming World War II epic.

According to THR, Nolan ...

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Gotham Season 4 to Lean Into Batman Reveal

David Mazouz in Gotham

Gotham star David Mazouz thinks Batman is definitely on his way to the series. The prequel show has mainly been about creating the world the hero will eventually inhabit in preparation for the introduction of Batman. And after a key scene at the end of season 3, we began to see Bruce Wayne embrace a vigilante persona. He hadn’t donned the cape and cowl, but he wasn’t far off either. Season 4 is looking to continue that story, as Bruce develops a separate identity for his nighttime activities.

It sounds like across season 4 fans may begin to see a form of proto-Batman. Maybe not quite to a ‘Year One’ standard, but a beginning in ...

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This Is What the DCEU Would Look Like in the 90s

An industrious fan has put together a new video that shows how the DCEU franchise might look if it was set in the 1990s.
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