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Tron Lightcycle Ride Confirmed for Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World in Florida is getting a new attraction based on the popular sci-fi franchise Tron.

Don’t Expect To See This Marvel Hero In Black Panther


[Potential SPOILERS For Black Panther below.]

Despite playing a key role in Captain America: Civil War, and his presence in the Wakanda-set post-credits scene, the Winter Soldier will not be appearing in Black Panther. With Bucky Barnes still prone to manipulation thanks to his Hydra days, the hero-turned-unwitting assassin willingly chose to go back into cryo-sleep. This time however, instead of being locked away for later use by Hydra, he was brought to Wakanda and given protection under the watchful eye of T’Challa.

With his current status confirmed, it seemed likely that Bucky would have at least some role to play in the upcoming standalone Black Panther film. Now, however, it has been confirmed that ...

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Horror World Pays Tribute to Zombie Godfather George A. Romero

Hollywood is morning the loss of horror icon and filmmaker George A. Romero who succumbed to lung cancer over the weekend.

Joker’s Bat Dancers Emerge in Never-Before-Seen Suicide Squad Photos

A couple of new images have been released by Suicide Squad cinematographer Roman Vasyanov that show Jared Leto and his dancers.

Dragon Ball Z: 15 Most Shockingly Underrated Villains


In the world of Dragon Ball Z, memorable villains are a dime a dozen.

There are teenage androids, the bio-mechanical Cell, the bubble-gum-goop monstrosity Buu, and, of course, the illustrious tyrant Frieza. In fact, there is absolutely no shortage of fan favorite enemies and rivals who are just as iconic as Goku’s spiked hair and gi.

However, to go even further beyond this bunch of ruffians, there’s an entire army’s worth of lesser-known enemies who deserve at least a little more recognition for their cruel deeds.

Pulling from the Dragon Ball Z series and its movies, we’re going through everything from under-appreciated henchmen, underestimated masterminds, and even a few characters who have received little ...

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