Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront 2

A new behind-the-scenes video reveals more details from Star Wars: Battlefront II‘s story mode, and in many ways, EA’s Battlefront sequel comes as an answer to many of the complaints that the studio’s first Star Wars: Battlefront received. While the 2015 Battlefront was praised by many for its multiplayer gameplay, the game was criticized by many for not having a playable story mode, which led to the studio putting a heavy focus on creating a unique and compelling story experience with the upcoming sequel. And in a surprising turn of events, the story mode will take the perspective of an Imperial Soldier, something that no other Star Wars game, film, or TV show has really fully explored before.

That soldier will be Iden Versio (Janina Gavankar) a cutthroat Imperial soldier, and the leader of the Empire’s Inferno Squad, a faction of special operatives in the Empire who are all but unknown ...

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