In what is sure to be one in a long line of video essays about a Christopher Nolan film ahead of the release of Dunkirk this weekend, a YouTube screenwriting analysis video has pitted the storytelling strengths of 2005’s Batman Begins against the weaknesses of last year’s Batman V Superman. 

Nolan gained mainstream prominence with Batman Begins, considered by many to be one of the greatest origins stories for a superhero and reboot films of all-time. While his directorial style got more ambitious as the years went on and his stories got more complex, Begins remains a prime example of the strong and ambitious writing that him and his brother Jonathan Nolan are capable of at their best.

In a video essay by YouTuber Just Write, Batman Begins is analyzed in terms of plot structure and integrated themes, frequently comparing it to Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice film in the DC Extended Universe. The video ...

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