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Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Leonardo da Vinci in New Biopic


Leonardo DiCaprio will play artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci in a upcoming biopic for Paramount. DiCaprio has been portraying real people in movies for much of his storied career. His third film role was as a young Tobias Wolff in This Boy’s Life. Just two years later he played author, poet, and musician Jim Carroll in The Basketball Diaries, and gay poet Arthur Rimbaud in Total Eclipse. From con man Frank Abagnale Jr. to billionaire Howard Hughes to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover to criminal Jordan Belfort to his Oscar winning role in The Revenant as frontiersman Hugh Glass — DiCaprio has time and again brought actual people from the past and present to life in ...

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Annabelle: Creation – The Evil Doll’s Origins Explained


Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Annabelle: Creation, Annabelle and The Conjuring

Annabelle: Creation marks the fourth cinematic outing for the eponymous doll, after being introduced in The Conjuring and then featured in the spin-off Annabelle, with a brief nod in The Conjouring 2, and her latest movie reveals new details about Annabelle’s demonic and human origins. The prequel film opens in the mid-forties, with a wordless credit sequence depicting the creation of the doll by toymaker Samuel Mullins (Anthony LaPaglia). It’s the first of a limited edition run by Mullins, and also the last after tragedy strikes the family.

Samuel and his wife Esther (Mirando Otto) have a daughter whom they fondly call Bee (their “busy ...

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15 Worst Comic Book Movie Twists, Ranked


For better or worse, the world of cinema is caught in the superhero hype of comic book movies. While horror is still alive and kicking, there is no doubt that superheroes and villain rule the roost at the box office, but what makes these movies so popular?

A mix of action, emotion, and good a story arc are all the key ingredients of your comic book caper, but it also seems that audiences love a puzzler that even the likes of Riddler couldn’t deliver.While the average comic book movie isn’t packed with the twists and turns of a Saw film or some gritty Scorsese gangster flick, there are still a fair few ...

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New Aquaman Set Photo Reveals the Villains’ Underwater Armor

A new photo from the set of Aquaman shows off some of the cool armor that the characters will be wearing during their underwater battles.

15 Live-Action Movies That ‘Ripped Off’ Cartoons


At this point, it’s hard to come up with a wholly original idea. In the era of endless franchises and live-action remakes, it takes a second to remember that live-action movies unattached to large cinematic universes still come out sometimes. Unfortunately, even the most original projects are still influenced by other pieces of art. It makes sense that so many anime programs and animated movies have sparked new ideas for so many directors.

There’s nothing wrong with a screenwriter or director taking cues from great animated stories. We see a lot of modern directors emulate Steven Spielberg, so it makes sense that ground breaking animated storytellers like Chuck Jones and Satoshi Kon also influence ...

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