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Explore the Origins of Rick and Morty in this Adult Swim Video


Go back in time to explore the early origins of Rick and Morty in a new video from Adult Swim, the first part of a series looking back on how collaborators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon came to create the cult favorite animated show. After a long delay, season 3 of Rick and Morty kicked off in April, and in July more new episodes were finally delivered, much to the joy of the series’ dedicated (but somewhat impatient) fans.

In Rick and Morty, an aging alcoholic mad scientist armed with a portal-gun drags his bewildered teenage grandson and angst-ridden granddaughter on a series of adventures across, though, and sometimes around the space-time continuum, meeting a vast array of truly bizarre characters along the way. The time-and-space hopping concept affords plenty of opportunity for Roiland, Harmon, and their team of creatives to explore all manner of science fiction tropes, while also delving ...

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20 Worst Superhero Movies Ever (According To Rotten Tomatoes)


While the Rotten Tomatoes tool for aggregating critical reviews doesn’t always fairly assess with technical precision just how good or bad a film is – since that is ultimately a subjective conclusion – its scores certainly give us a general sense of when a movie is a must-see or just not that great. Also, the Tomatometer is a pretty useful tool for comparing two or more films, which is always fun and worth discussing.

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe, and other superhero-related franchises have been enjoying great success with their properties in the past few years, it is definitely ...

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Blade Runner: The Final Cut 4K Blu-ray Trailer Is Mesmerizing

Get your first look at the new 4K restoration of Ridley Scott's original sci-fi classic Blade Runner with a new 4K Blu-ray trailer.

Why Geoff Johns Left Marvel For DC Comics


When Geoff Johns was announced as the new head of DC Films, fans rejoiced that the DCEU had found a perfect leader – but if things had gone differently, he may have wound up masterminding Marvel‘s TV and movie entertainment instead. That’s assuming that Johns would have gotten a similar climb up from writer to producer and Chief Creative Officer, of course, but as the writer of some of DC’s greatest comics and events in the modern age, some would argue Johns was always bound for his current position. Which is why it may surprise some DC fans to know that the current President of DC Comics got his ...

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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Da Vinci in Upcoming Biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio has been set to star in and produce a currently untitled biopic that explores the life of Leonardo Da Vinci.
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