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Conjuring Movie Universe Passes $1B at Worldwide Box Office

The hit spin-off Annabelle: Creation has helped push the blockbuster Conjuring franchise past $1 billion worldwide.

The Defenders: The Hand’s Origins Explained


Spoilers for The Defenders.

The Hand has long been a threat in Netflix’s multiple Marvel series but now in The Defenders we know exactly how they came to power. Details about the mystical organization have been gradually revealed throughout Daredevil seasons 1 and 2 and Iron Fist, but in the series that unites the ninja warriors and super strong Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, their origins have been explained and. as expected, it begins in K’un-Lun.

The ancient “city of heaven” exists in another dimension and only appears on Earth every 15 years, accessible via a mountain range in Asia. The warrior monks who live their welcome people from all walks of life, races and cultures to join their community ...

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Kingsman 2 Preview Reveals Shocking Truth Behind Total Eclipse

20th Century Fox has put together the greatest movie promo ever for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which ties directly into Monday's total eclipse.

Is Will The Villain of Stranger Things Season 2?


Is Will Byers the villain of Stranger Things season 2? It’s too soon to tell, obviously, but that hasn’t stopped fans from formulating theories that would explain Will’s switch to the dark side of the moral fence. If Will is indeed the bad guy, it likely wouldn’t be of his own free will, as he would have no reason to want to hurt the friends and family members that spent all of season 1 trying their best to rescue him from the Upside Down.

Unfortunately, fans will recall that the season 1 finale of Stranger Things made it clear that despite the boy’s best attempts to ...

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Geena Davis Wants to Play an Amazonian in Wonder Woman 2


With Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman still breaking records everywhere, and an obvious sequel already in the works, fans of Diana Prince are looking at where the fearless Amazonian could go next. While casting for Wonder Woman 2 is still a way off, Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis has offered herself for a part in the next installment.

Known for an illustrious career and major roles in the likes of The Fly, Beetlejuice, and Thelma & Louise, Davis was one of the biggest actresses of the ’80s/’90s. She still turns her hand to the silver screen, but these days Davis is best known for ...

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