Blade Runner

The original Blade Runner is getting a brand-new re-release in 4K – and you can get a taste of it with a new trailer. The effects of Ridley Scott’s 1982 masterpiece still hold up to this day, and the seminal sci-fi classic clearly continues to hold plenty of relevance 35 years later as its sequel, Blade Runner 2049, nears its October release. Denis Villeneuve’s R-rated follow-up certainly appears to have drawn plenty of influence from the striking visuals and unique atmosphere of Scott’s vision of 2019 Los Angeles.

The noir-ish visual style of the original Blade Runner has lent itself well to modern updates for high-definition re-releases. Scott’s famously made near countless re-edits of the film, but seemed to finally realize his full vision with 2007’s “Final Cut”. The final version of Blade Runner looks glorious in HD, but now the “Final Cut” is getting yet another update in the form of a 4K ultra-HD Blu-Ray.

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