Destiny 2 now has a multiplayer trailer. The spacefaring sequel to Vicarious Visions, High Moon Studios, and Activision’s online-only first-person shooter, Destiny, is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next month. The game will feature Nolan North’s return as the exposition machine Ghost, after he took over the role from a monotonous Peter Dinklage last time out.

Despite some underwhelmed reactions to the press previews, the hype for Destiny 2 continues to grow, aided by Nathan Fillion showing up in the Destiny 2 teaser trailer, the debut of some epic gameplay footage, and an E3 announcement of PlayStation exclusive content. There’s even a white PS4 Pro being prepped for sale, which you can only buy with a copy of Destiny 2, showing just how big of a deal this sci-fi sequel has become.

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The multiplayer side ...

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