Channing Tatum Kingsman The Golden Circle Statesmen

Meet the Statesmen in the brand new TV trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The star-studded sequel to Matthew Vaughn’s bombastic bloodbath Kingsman: The Secret Service is slated for a late September release and will expand the world of suave clandestine organizations in a major way.

Channing Tatum joins the fray as Agent Tequila, a cowboy-hat-sporting American agent who works for Statesman, the USA’s equivalent to the eponymous Kingsman crew. And although Tatum’s character poster describes him as ‘a token American’, he’s not the only Yank in the cast. Jeff Bridges plays Agent Champagne, Halle Berry is portraying a character named Ginger, and Julianne Moore is Poppy (a villainess described as ‘Martha Stewart on crack’). Pedro Pascal – The Viper from Game Of Thrones – is also playing a Statesman.

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