Destin Daniel Cretton is known for his work writing and directing his second feature film, Short Term 12, starring Brie Larson. Since then he has been busy. Destin teamed up with Ryan Coogler and Chinaka Hodge to develop a TV series titled Minors, which focuses on institutionalization of youth and examining the system in which we put our juvenile delinquents in. Showing a penchant for tough subject matter, Destin Daniel Cretton’s current film The Glass Castle focuses on Jeannette Walls’ unconventional and poverty stricken upbringing.

Screen Rant got a chance to sit down with Destin on press day, where we discussed how involved Jeannette Walls was in production, what other stories they wanted to include from the book that didn’t make it on screen, and what it was like working with the kid actors.

How involved was Jeannette? Was she on set with you guys every day for the process of ...

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