Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Films have set an October 17th Blu-ray and DVD release date for “Batman vs. Two-Face,” the upcoming DC animated feature that marks Adam West’s final outing in his most famous role – Batman.

Burt Ward, West’s co-star in the 1960s “Batman” series, also returns for the film which sees them take on the one major villain from Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery that didn’t appear in the 1960s series – Two-Face.

Harlan Ellison penned an episode featuring Two-Face for the original series that was never shot and was later adapted into comic form in 2014. That serves as something of an inspiration for this film which stars William Shatner as the voice of the facially deformed villain.

West completed all his dialogue for the film before his passing. No word as to whether this will get a limited theatrical run, but check out the new trailer below.

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