Smallville and Supergirl

Tom Welling, who portrayed Clark Kent in Smallville, has revealed why he won’t appear on Supergirl. The first two seasons of Supergirl, which initially aired on CBS before migrating to The CW, didn’t shy away from acknowledging its predecessors. The pilot episode offered a glimpse of Kara Zor-El’s adoptive parents, played by Dean Cain of Lois & Clark and Helen Slater of the 1984 film Supergirl, and the two became recurring characters on the show. Season 2 then introduced Teri Hatcher, Cain’s costar on the ’90s TV series, as Mon-El’s mother Rhea.

When suspense began to build for an appearance of Kara’s cousin Kal-El, a.k.a. Superman, many fans naturally hoped that Tom Welling of Smallville fame might ...

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