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Why IT Succeeded at the Box Office


After a dismal Summer for Hollywood, wherein audience attendance dropped, box office revenue hit a new low and multiplex chains suffered painful hits to their stock price, the film industry is betting big on the Fall season. While there were obvious glimmers of success over the Summer, from the record breaking heights of Wonder Woman to indie hits like Baby Driver, they did little to cushion the blow of a massive 35% drop in August numbers compared to the same time last year. The final weekend of August alone managed to incur the worst box office weekend of the past 16 years. The blame has been pushed around – from competition with TV ...

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Check Out Alamo Drafthouse’s All-Clown Screening of IT


Alamo Drafthouse has released a slew of new photos from their clown-only screenings of IT. Andrés Muschietti’s reimagining of Stephen King’s classic novel has shattered expectations at the box office in its opening weekend, virtually doubling projections and posting the biggest debut ever for a horror movie. The film also drew strong reviews from critics, making it one of the year’s biggest all-around successes after less than a week in theaters.

IT appears poised to continue its big box office run on the strength of its infectious core group of young actors, Muschietti’s unsettling visuals, and of course, Bill Skarsgard’s frightening thrills as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The iconic villain inspired the Alamo Drafthouse ...

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Wonder Woman Blooper Reel Video Shared by Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman is coming to Blu-Ray/DVD on September 19th, 2017 and Gal Gadot is teasing out some of the bonus features.

Margot Robbie Reveals When She’ll Play Harley Quinn Next

Margot Robbie talks about what may very well be the next time she'll suit up as Harley Quinn for a DC movie.

Second Biggest Spider-Man Movie Is Now Homecoming

Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man: Homecoming has just passed the first Spider-Man to become the second biggest franchise film at worldwide box office.
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