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John Wick 3 Release Date Announced for Summer 2019

Lionsgate is closing out the John Wick franchise with a bang, issuing a summer 2019 release date for Chapter 3.

Marilyn Manson Ignites Bizarre T-Shirt War with Justin Bieber

Marilyn Manson has decided to rail against Justin Bieber while out promoting his new album.

Jackie Chan Was Fight Consultant on the LEGO Ninjago Movie

The LEGO Ninjago Movie - Master Wu (Jackie Chan)

In order to get the choreography right in The LEGO Ninjago Movie, legendary actor and martial artist Jackie Chan advised the production team on the fights. The upcoming animated movie marks the third installment in the burgeoning LEGO Movie franchise that began three years ago with Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s LEGO Movie, starring Chris Pratt in the lead role alongside several dozen other characters. And one of those characters was Batman, voiced by Will Arnett, who received his own spinoff film earlier this year: The LEGO Batman Movie.

Before The LEGO Movie 2 hits theaters in 2019, Warner Bros. has scheduled The LEGO Ninjago Movie for ...

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Yu-Gi-Oh!: 8 Strongest And 7 Weakest Duelists


Duel monsters is serious business. The untrained eye might perceive it as a simple, children’s card game, but in actuality it is a strategic game with various spell and trap cards that can send a duel spiraling in any direction. Add to that the fact that the show had numerous duels where the stakes included sending the loser’s soul to the shadow realm, the game has very serious repercussions for these characters lives. Things started simple for duel monsters, with players just putting cards on a table, but holographic technologically developed to the point where people can have duels anywhere they want and see virtual monsters appear right in front of them (hopefully ...

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Scream TV Show Season 3 Full Cast Revealed

Scream MTV

After a critically and commercially disappointing first two seasons, MTV is shaking things up with its third season of the meta-horror television series, Scream. Based on Wes Craven’s film tetralogy of the same name, the series is more or less starting from scratch, in a move that Scream 4’s Robbie Mercer might call “a third-act main cast bloodbath.”

First airing in 2015 with Jill Blotevogel, Dan Dworkin, and Jay Beattie in the producers chairs, those seats have since been replaced with new blood, making way for Shakim Conpere, Yaneley Arty, and Queen Latifah. Supernatural producer/writer Brett Matthews will be the series’ new showrunner.

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What’s especially intriguing is ...

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