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Flatliners Is DOA with 0% Rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Flatliners is not scoring any friends among the living, with a rare 0% rating on the critic aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

Legends of Tomorrow Rumor Links Gorilla Grodd to the Vietnam War

The Flash season 2 - Gorilla Grodd

A rumor suggests that The Flash villain Gorilla Grodd will try to start World War III in a season 3 episode of Legends of Tomorrow that will take place during the Vietnam War.

After their efforts to defeat Reverse Flash and his Legion of Doom resulted in the breaking of time, Rip Hunter will form the Time Bureau to clean up their mess. With the Time Bureau acting as “the new sheriffs in town,” the Legends will disband until they eventually have to reunite the team and work together to repair the damage done to the timestream.

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It ...

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Inhumans Wasn’t a Box Office Bomb After All


Inhumans brief theatrical run in IMAX has been dismissed as essentially an abject failure, but it did far better at the box office than it’s credited. The road has been nothing but rough for Inhumans in general, as a project initially intended for the big leagues of the Marvel Cinematic Universe before a release date shake-up to include Spider-Man: Homecoming saw Inhumans disappear from Marvel Studios’ plans altogether before eventually getting wrapped up in a major arc in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and eventually getting announced as its own show on ABC.

Despite the change of plans, the inclusion of the inhuman plot in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and subsequent rumors of a spin-off show was met fairly positively as AoS was finally hitting its stride and ...

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Justice League Lifts Some Marketing Ideas from Thor: Ragnarok Posters

DCEU adopted the same color schemes as the MCU's Thor: Ragnarok for their new Justice League character posters.

15 ’00s Horror Movies You Completely Forgot About


It is hard to believe that the ‘00s ended nearly 9 years ago. Horror has gone through some huge changes in that time. Given the recent resurgence in horror films with the likes of Get Out, Don’t Breathe, and IT, it is easy to forget a time that the genre was limited to cheap thrills or simply waiting for Wes Craven to do something new. We may still be caught in the tight grip of remake fever, but there is no denying that horror is bigger now than it has ever been.

Heading back to the turn of the ...

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