Aegon Targaryen Game of Thrones

A new Game of Thrones featurette offers an animated account of House Targaryen’s history. This video comes at a time when the Targaryens are very much in vogue: following the reveal of Jon Snow’s true name, and his concurrent sex scene with Daenerys, it’s looking highly likely that House Targaryen will finally attempt to reclaim The Iron Throne in the upcoming final block of episodes, Game of Thrones season 8.

With House Lannister effectively tearing itself apart – Jaime has left King’s Landing, “disgusted” by his sister/lover’s latest deceit – the infamous throne room looks ripe for the taking. Cersei will have to hire the Golden Company of Essos if she hopes to hang in there – and hope that The Mountain comes up on top in the inevitable ‘Cleaganebowl’ showdown with his brother, The Hound.

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Animated Game of Thrones Video: The History of the Seven Kingdoms